Omega Notes Accelerates Student Engagement in Higher Education

Omega Notes Accelerates Student Engagement in Higher Education

Omega Notes, an EdTech startup out of Pennsylvania, will be launching a cloud-based all-in-one platform that is set to improve learning outcomes in the modern college classroom.

Releasing in Fall 2018, Omega Notes COURSEPACKS builds on the company’s mission of radically transforming traditional methods of higher education. COURSEPACKS provides the content, collaboration, and analytics needed to engage students. The platform gives users access to the following services:

  • Micro-Publishing 

Omega Notes works closely with professors and publishers to transition class content into COURSEPACKS where the information is accessible to users through Omega Notes’ proprietary Viewer. Curating just the content selected by the professor significantly lowers the end cost to students. 

  • The Notebook

Students and professors utilizing COURSEPACKS will also have access to the Notebook. The Notebook, in addition to functioning as a fully integrated word processor, facilitates meaningful interaction between users. Users can lead discussions, post questions, create flashcards, and more.

  • Analytics

Omega Notes’ Analytics provides unparalleled insights to show learning as it occurs. COURSEPACKS collects qualitative and quantitative data to score individuals based on their understanding of the materials. Using Analytics, professors can pinpoint who needs help and identify what material needs to be taught before an exam.

“There is a fundamental problem standing in the way of engaging students; outdated pedagogical methods. The millennial generation of students lives online. Traditional pedagogical methods try to force students to adapt to a culture for which they have no interest. Omega Notes changes this dogma by providing students the content and tools they need in a medium that they already use,” says Omega Notes founder and CEO Andrew Lang. 

The platform underwent a private beta phase during Spring 2018. COURSEPACKS was used in classes with a total enrollment of 210 students. On average, each student saved $50 per course compared to traditional textbooks. Referring to the development and beta phase, Lang added, “We’re situated less than a mile away from the sixth largest university campus in the US; the close proximity allowed us to involve students and faculty members in every step of the development process.” Omega Notes is currently working with multiple universities in the northeast region to implement COURSEPACKS for the Fall 2018 semester. 

About Omega Notes 

Founded in 2014, Omega Notes is one of the leading collegiate learning services companies. Initially founded as a collaborative notes marketplace where students could exchange notes and user-generated content, the company has expanded to provide customized services for faculty members and administrators.

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