Offended Artist Spoils his own Painting by Painting Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Over it

Offended Artist Spoils his own Painting by Painting Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Over it

Moscow - 08/11/2020 — Having noticed no one paying attention to his creative work, an artist painted it over and pictured scandal-ridden celebrities on it renaming the painting “Enjoy your MediaBurger!”

If people ignore your art, it means people need something different. It can also make clear trends in the broader culture. All this and more were recently experienced by the beginning artist Darius. Darius crossed a personal milestone and painted a painting for the first time in his life. The idea of his work seemed so interesting to him that it was hard to put up with lack of journalists’ and people’s interest in it. The work was originally called The Endless Painting of Eternal Disasters. It depicted simple images of human disasters—epidemics, wars, and various calamities—happening over the last millennia. The last disaster was naturally the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. The art project was meant to be literally endless. The painting didn’t have the right part of the frame, i.e. it was open to be continued. As humankind faced new disasters, they would be added to the painting as new parts. The artist even counted that in the case of medium intensity of global disasters, the painting would be at least 10 meters long in 50 years. Overall, a quite impressive concept, which Darius executed with skill.

Alas, having got no attention to his painting, this seemed to confirm his idea that people “eat” what they are used to – even when it comes to art. News about celebrities and all of the possible details of their lives are the most popular content that people are fed. A true commentary on the culture. The artist’s wife insisted on him throwing out the painting that as taking up the whole wall in their small apartment. Before doing that, he decided to do a kind of an act of protest and tell people, “Enjoy your MediaBurger!”. 

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