OEI’s reusable technology improves building efficiency and aims to reduce its carbon footprint

OEI’s reusable technology improves building efficiency and aims to reduce its carbon footprint

CALGARY, AB - 03/09/2018 — One Eye Industries Inc. (OEI), a magnetic filtration solutions company based in Calgary, is making waves in a multitude of industries around the world by introducing a reusable technology that is disrupting the OEM market.

In Canada, however, the adoption of its clean technology has been slow to take off, due to barriers to change from a traditional, yet wasteful, technology that has been in place for decades.

For the early adopters, some of the benefits are already starting to pay off—in a big way.

When The Bow’s chief engineer, JP Nadeau, heard about OEI’s magnetic filtration technology, he was immediately curious. Responsible for 3 million sq. ft. in rental and parking space with 24 separate systems that require filtration, Nadeau was motivated to make the building as efficient as possible and reduce its environmental impact.

“It (adopting OEI’s technology) is just as important for sustainability as it is for reducing building costs,” Nadeau said. “The technology proves itself when nothing shows up on the filter. It’s cleaning building filtration systems, which is the goal that everyone wants.”

OEI’s magnetic filtration systems, which capture ferrous and non-ferrous materials to sub-micron levels, greatly reduce the number of traditional depth media filters that enter the landfill, as the product lasts 15 years or more.

For the past five years, Nadeau has been using and disposing of the building’s traditional filters twice a week, every week at The Bow. The introduction of OEI’s filters allows Nadeau’s crew to simply clean the filters once a week and he predicts soon they will only need to clean them once a year.

“It’s an all-day task (to change out the traditional filters), so now my staff can do other work,” Nadeau said. With 58 floors at The Bow, the reusable technology not only saves time but reduces safety issues that come with working with temperature changes when changing the filters.

OEI’s cleanable technology also extends the life of building equipment, reducing wear and tear. For example, a heat exchanger is designed to run free of contaminants. If you add contaminants, your exchanger will break down over time, and eventually it will need expensive repairs, according to Nadeau.

Incorporating magnetic filtration to rid exchangers of contaminants will result in less repairs for the exchanger and other equipment in the building—this is significant cost savings for a building operator.

“In building operations and management, you have to reduce your maintenance costs to pass on the benefits to your renters/leasers. If your costs are through the roof, no one will want to rent from you,” Nadeau said.

One Eye Industries introduced an innovation to magnetic filtration 17 years ago with application on all rotating equipment found in oil and gas, mining, construction, wind, food, manufacturing, and marine industries. This is a cleanable, reusable technology that offers an environmental alternative to disposable depth media filtration. 

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