NYC Is Not Dead! Meet the Latest Trending Sushi Scene: Temakase

NYC Is Not Dead! Meet the Latest Trending Sushi Scene: Temakase

New York City - 10/26/2020 — Brace yourselves, New York: a brand-new handroll bar just opened in the East Village! Award-winning sushi chef, Chef Jou, formerly of Nobu Miami for almost 10 years, teamed up with restaurateur Liron Michaeli and Anthony Shnayderman to give you the freshest, most delicious hand-rolls in NYC. 

Temakase is the perfect late afternoon and evening spot, and they’re open all day Thursday through Saturday. Located at 157 Second Ave, they’re right in the heart of the East Village’s adventurous spirit. 

This contemporary New York location has just a 20-seat bar. Temakase chefs will personally craft and serve the hand-rolls while you watch and enjoy the artful cuisine coming to life. Chef Jou recommends the handrolls be eaten right away in order to experience the pleasure of the crunchy nori, fresh cold fish, and warm rice. They pride themselves on their artistic performance and high-end ingredients. Many diners are inspired to photograph these works of art during their meal.

Anthony Shnayderman, founder and owner, is a prominent entertainment host, serial entrepreneur, and luxury event connoisseur. He believes you shouldn’t have to spend a ridiculous amount in order to enjoy the freshest fish, crisp seaweed, excellent sushi rice, and of course, handrolls.

“Everyone knows I’m into sushi. From NYC, Miami, and LA to Mexico and Europe, I’ve spent a ton of money on sushi and I realized one thing - you don’t have to break your bank for some good sushi. That’s why I opened Temakase Handroll Bar. Temakase offers high grade fish with some side bites. It’s an affordable, delicious meal that’ll keep you coming back for more.” - Anthony Shnayderman


Temakase is the trendiest new addition to New York’s first-class sushi houses. This sushi-enthusiast owned dining experience serves Omakase-style handrolls that are tailored to each customer’s preference. Their premium seaweed and fish flown in from Japan, their fresh, authentic flavors are guaranteed to satisfy every New York sushi aficionado. 

Omakase is a Japanese phrase ( ???, Hepburn: o-makase) that literally means "I'll leave it up to you." Customers entrust the sushi chef to present them with an artistic array of the freshest seasonal specialties. The chef will serve a series of innovative, freshly-made creations at the sushi counter where patrons can watch the chef prepare one piece at a time. Each fish’s name and origin is explained as the consumer asks questions, discusses their preferences, and witnesses the masterpieces come to life. 


After COVID-19 delayed their scheduled April launch, Temakase is proud to announce they are fully operational with all COVID-19 health and safety measures in place.

“I’m always a little skeptical when a new sushi place opens up, but I gotta say this place was exceptional. The ambiance is incredible and the food is top notch. I’m a big spicy scallop hand roll guy and this one might be the best in the city. Will definitely be coming here often.” - OpenTable Diner

“Temakase is a great new addition to the neighborhood. the fish is a super fresh, the handrolls are delicious and the best part is that they are affordable for the great quality you get.” - OpenTable Diner


This quality-driven east-side gem is cut above the rest. Their passion for first-class, authentic, and affordable sushi experiences has made them a favorite for foodies at every level. This dining experience will change the way NYC eats sushi - one handroll at a time.

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