Novel Business Approach Combines Sun Tzu and Translation to Help Companies Discover New Markets Amidst Trade War Fears

Novel Business Approach Combines Sun Tzu and Translation to Help Companies Discover New Markets Amidst Trade War Fears

ORLANDO, FLORIDA - 09/18/2018 — Certified translator and author Winn Trivette II announces the timely release of his book to help businesses open new markets, How to Use Translation to Grow Your Business.  

Sun Tzu emphasized foreknowledge to outwit rivals, still sage advice amid protectionist fears threatening slower global business growth. 

Mr. Trivette argues companies can continue to grow profits by discovering new consumers even in highly competitive industries with the right strategy.

The author’s novel business approach - New Frontiers Vision - calls on companies to open new markets of untapped consumers via translation and Internet Research. 

Firms, therefore, should consider a strategic partnership with a certified translator to discover underserved niches for their goods and/or products. 

“Combining translation with a business strategy is a must for firms in the Knowledge Economy,” says Mr. Trivette.

How to Use Translation to Grow Your Business outlines steps to:

  • Use translation to enhance the collection of actionable business intelligence.
  • Discover and open uncontested market space in order to serve new clients. 
  • Implement a business strategy to guide market leaders like you to make better-informed decisions. 
  • Transform actionable information into plans, plans into actions, and actions into greater profits. 
  • Optimize business performance and leave rivals behind while discovering new market segments for your goods and/or services.

Companies paralyzed by the conventional wisdom in their industries gain insights in order to expand abroad with confidence. 

Unfortunately, these hidden constraints prevent firms from seeking opportunities while minimizing risk.

Mr. Trivette details how companies considering expansion into Latin America, for example, can create an “unfair advantage” over the competition by gaining business intelligence through translation of Spanish and Portuguese text, audio, and video.

“Owners and managers of small, medium, and large companies worldwide should embrace the New Frontiers Vision to grow their profits,” urges Mr. Trivette. “Unserved markets await those brave firms.” 

How to Use Translation to Grow Your Business is available at in both eBook and print on demand formats.

Listen to the Introduction of How to Use Translation to Grow Your Business to learn more:

Winn Trivette II is a certified translator from Spanish, and Portuguese into English for more than a decade. He helps individuals and firms communicate their message to the world in perfect English. 


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