New York-based Artist Creates Sculpture on Social Media and Conspiracies

New York-based Artist Creates Sculpture on Social Media and Conspiracies

United States - 04/01/2021 — Alex Wagman, a New York based artist and sculptor known for his expressive realism creations, has completed a social commentary sculpture known as “Cyber Troop”. 

Cyber Troop, which is a freestanding 24 inch high painted urethane resin cast, depicts a creature with the outgrowth of major social media and conspiracy symbols spewing and controlling data output to the public, designed to impact social control.

This artwork speaks directly to current events that are occurring in our country and world-wide. Cyber troop is a critique of a group of individuals in our society who are committed to spreading misinformation and manipulating public opinion through social media outlets. Most of their messages are crafted in such a way to look legitimate and encourage authentic engagement. 

Social Media platforms have become primary sources of news content which have empowered and enabled those that are looking to spread propaganda and misinformation. These platforms are being manipulated to influence and seed false news stories that impact how people engage and respond to our political climate, the pandemic, elections and other social issues which is a critical thread to democracy.

Cyber Troop challenges us to rethink the role of social media in our societies. The sculpture also makes a case to encourage us to not be misled by social media and the need to be our own fact checkers. 

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