New Stable Isotope Labeling from Creative Peptides Accelerates the Development of Protein Quantitative Algorith

New Stable Isotope Labeling from Creative Peptides Accelerates the Development of Protein Quantitative Algorith

SHIRLEY, NY - 4/12/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) -- Creative Peptides, a reliable supplier of peptides manufacturing upon academic, clinical, commercial and government laboratories in diverse applications, is introducing its efficient product Stable Isotope Labeling to help drive the development of protein quantitative algorith. 

Recently, labeling of proteins and peptides with stable heavy isotopes (deuterium, carbon-13, nitrogen-15, and oxygen-18) has been widely used in quantitative proteomics. In fact, such labeling has long been a staple of NMR spectroscopy studies. It can be useful for the determination of protein structure and dynamics or protein-protein interactions, by allowing for the incorporation of NMR active nuclei which can help reduce the complexity of spectra and help researchers obtain new correlations between atoms for more complete structural information. 

Nowadays, increasing number of scientists are trying to discover more effective methods in modern scientific research, such as deslorelin acetate, aviptadil acetate, buserelin, etc. It’s extremely obvious in SIL peptides. As is known, the quantitative analysis of complex biological samples has emerged as a key research area in the field of proteomics. Although quantitative proteomic experiments remain challenging, these strategies have been greatly facilitated by the development of newer high-performance mass spectrometers. 

In this work, Creative Peptides has evaluated the use of stable isotope labeling to help enable accurate quantitative protein analysis. Specifically, it can display identical physiochemical properties and chemical reactivity as their non-labeled counterparts (apart from a few exceptions). Using the preferred approach with non-invasive urine samples, researchers can now rigorously assess the methodology toward certain precise quantitation in multiplexed panel of candidate protein biomarkers in human urine to date. 

On the other hand, endogenous protein quantitation can be performed by utilizing such peptide standard, such as Degarelix. In recent days, the chief scientific officer of R&D department at Creative Peptides has said that the stable isotope labeling technology has realized great success in studying corresponding advantages over alternative approaches, which could enable a greater spectrum of academic achievements. 

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