Naytra Couture Sells Mulberry Silk Clothing To Uplift Female Artisan and their Communities, and to Eliminate Curable Blindness

Naytra Couture Sells Mulberry Silk Clothing To Uplift Female Artisan and their Communities, and to Eliminate Curable Blindness

United States - 02/22/2021 — Naytra Couture was launched in December 2020, selling 100% organic mulberry silk tunics, blouses, and scarves. Naytra means “eyes” in both Hindi and Sanskrit. Naytra works directly with the female artisans practicing the 2,500 years old folk art of Madhubani, in the remote Madhubani village in India. The breathtaking artwork is then converted into tunics, blouses and scarves in a certified environmentally friendly factory.  A portion of the proceeds from every garment sold goes towards eliminating curable blindness and to date, Naytra has helped 15 people regain the gift of sight.

Naytra’s founder, Shagun, was stunned to learn that 80% of the nearly 300 million people who suffer from visual impairment worldwide suffer from curable blindness. That is why every time a purchase is made from Naytra, a portion of the proceeds goes towards restoring the gift of sight in someone with curable blindness. To this end, Naytra supports Seva Foundation and has helped 15 people regain their sight to date.

Naytra ( is guided by three pillars in their business operations: women supporting women, sustainability, and the elimination of curable blindness. All the artwork featured in their pieces for sale are designed by female artisans from remote villages in India. Shagun wanted to support these women and their communities, ensuring that they get paid a fair wage for their work by eliminating the middleman altogether. 

In addition to all products being made of 100% mulberry silk, Naytra does not utilize plastic in its packaging. Customers get their garment delivered to them in a specially designed cotton bag, packaged in a recycled paper box. Recycled paper tags are attached to the garments with cotton threads and not plastic tacks. The no plastic policy is Naytra’s way of taking care of the Earth and ensuring the best future possible for the future generations.

About Naytra

Naytra Couture’s founder, Shagun, was born and raised in India. After graduating with an undergraduate degree in mathematics, she enrolled in the National Institute of Technology (NIFT) at Delhi for a graduate degree in garment manufacturing technology. This is where she was introduced to Madhubani paintings in a course titled “The Influence of Ancient Indian Art on Textiles and Fashion”. As a folk art practiced by the womenfolk in India’s Mithila and Madhubani regions, Madhubani paintings are characterized by their emphasis on eyes as well as their bright colors derived from plants and vegetables. Shagun fell in love instantly, the emphasis on eyes resonating with her as the “windows of the soul”, in Shakespeare’s words.

After getting married, Shagun and her family moved to Canada before eventually settling outside of Boston. Shagun left her job in 2015 to spend more time with her children before they started their own lives outside of Boston. It was then that her husband suggested delving into the passion she had found so many years ago. Hence, the birth of  Naytra Couture, which launched in December 2020. Naytra’s debut collection features bright and colorful tunics, scarves and blouses made of 100% organic mulberry silk, you can learn more about Naytra’s products here:

You can call Naytra at (508) 816-4519 or send an email to for general and sales inquiries.

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