Mr. Music DJ Expands Wedding DJ Services

Mr. Music DJ Expands Wedding DJ Services

YOUNGSTOWN,OHIO - 06/22/2018 — "I wanted to provide the same service for weddings that we have been providing here locally, in Youngstown,Ohio"  says Matt Andrusewicz, Owner of Mr. Music DJ, since 1983.  "The business has been great, and the volume has been increasing the last few years, so we are training, hiring and expanding to more major metros."   We are expanding to Cleveland, Columbus, and Akron - Canton.  This will keep us more than busy, as we will be staffed with 8-12 DJ's in the next 18 months.  

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Mr. Music DJ started in 1983, in the USAF. , doing dances on base.  In the late 80's we did local venues, in Northeast Ohio.  Starting in 1990, they were hired to be the "House DJ" for Pickles Pub in Pompano Beach.  "South Florida was a great time, and we DJ'd on Yachts, and met several celebrities." says Matt Andrusewicz.  The last 20 years in Northeast Ohio has been great !  Mr. Music DJ wants to keep providing great wedding receptions to all the clients in these Major Metro areas in Ohio.   "Its all about passion, and giving the client more than they expect," we have a system that works very well for wedding receptions, and we will now duplicate this format".  Some of the key features they provide is an "Online Planner", where the client gets to select music and provide details for their event.  

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