MILLO- the Christmas gift that blends cutting edge technology with healthy living

MILLO- the Christmas gift that blends cutting edge technology with healthy living

VILNIAUS, LITHUANIA - 12/03/2020 — Show your loved ones you really care this Christmas

Giving the right Christmas gift is never easy, and this year it’s especially important that you find the right present for your loved ones. That’s where millo comes in.

This will be no ordinary Christmas, as there’s a chance that many of us won’t be able to have the traditional family get together we all know and love. So, how do we compensate? We buy better - we look for things that are new, that are different. 

But novely is not what’s most important, of course. In 2020 you want to buy a gift that will not only be beautiful. You want to buy a gift that will be fun to use, a gift that will last and be appreciated. A Christmas gift that will improve that person’s life.

Millo, the gift that keeps on giving, one amazing smoothie at a time.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could come up with a Christmas gift idea that was not only unique and innovative, but also aimed at helping your loved ones to lead a healthier life. Millo is just that gift.

We have all been spending way more time than we would like to at home this year. We work, rest and play under the one roof. And for many of us, our everyday jog has become unattainable, while our healthy eating options have been narrowed by the closure of juice bars and vegan cafes. 

Not only that, the need for healthy eating has skyrocketed in the face of our new sedentary lifestyles. Our immune systems are now temples that we need to protect and cherish. 

What if this Christmas, you could give a gift that would help to protect that temple? If you could give a gift that will mean that your loved ones will be able to maintain a healthy and positive lifestyle?

Millo is the perfect answer. Integrating cutting edge brushless motors adapted from drone technology into a sleek minimalist design, Millo is a new kind of smoothie maker. Fun, fresh and packing a powerful punch when it comes to blending, this is the kind of Christmas present that’ll make an impression and change your loved one’s lifestyle for the better. 

What makes millo so special 

It’s the blender re-imagined: it’s smart, it’s portable, it's powerful, and it even comes with its own app. There are lots of reasons why millo is the perfect Christmas gift this season.

Every appliance and gadget has its moment for an upgrade. The Iphone made the mobile phone smart, while Dyson upgraded the vacuum cleaner, making it portable and more efficient. Millo is doing for the humble smoothie blender what these gadgets have

Think of the old fashioned blender. It was bulky, heavy and a pain to clean. Not only that, it was ugly, so much so that it spent most of its life hidden in a drawer. 

Millo is a smart, portable, and safe smoothie blender that is big on style. Powered by a patented Magnetic Air Drive that optimises performance while reducing noise, millo is one of the quietest blenders around. And as its blades are housed in the cup and not in the blender itself, it’s safe for even kids to use. 

It’s also super easy to use and easy to clean. It is controlled by a fun and intuitive touch sensitive base or via mobile app, and cleaning couldn’t be easier. You just need to run it under the warm tap and go. It is also perfect for active people who want the freedom to blend their smoothies, whenever and wherever. Millo is a rechargeable portable blender, with each full charge providing up to 12-15 smoothies.

But what really sets it apart from the pack is the fact that is the market’s only truly smart smoothie blender.  Integrated inside its beautiful base, you’ll find firmware which uses smart algorithms to control the engine & blending process. This also means it can be continually updated, so new owners get to uncover new features and functionality month by month.

Give a millo this Christmas, and keep your loved one healthy and happy for a lifetime.

Imagine if you could find a smoothie maker that not only ticked the boxes when it came to function, but was also high on style. That’s millo.

Millo is not only engineered to be the most advanced smoothie blender on the market, it’s also been designed to be most beautiful. With its sleek award winning minimalist lines and discrete forms, it blends perfectly with any kitchen interior. Whoever you give this to, they will be proud to show it in their house. 

But more importantly, millo is a joy to use. And it needs to be. Building a healthy lifestyle takes time and effort. This Christmas you can put your loved ones on this path with a little help from millo.

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