Mental Health: An Alarming Issue Among Young People

Mental Health: An Alarming Issue Among Young People

Motivational speaker, Bob Kittell, addresses the most troubling issues that are deeply eating into the mind state of college students. Through human connection, quieting the mind and teaching his memory techniques, Bob is making a crucially positive impact on young minds across North America.

AMERICAN FORK, UT - 01/24/2018 — With the alarming rate of depression among individuals, which can hardly go unnoticed, mental health is the hottest trending topic. Mental health is a universal issue that is specifically destroying young adults striving to achieve a college degree. Mental illness truly is a silent killer that aims to break down its host with irrational, sad thoughts, feelings of loneliness and much more. Bob Kittell explains that mental health problems don’t always look like sad thoughts and loneliness. He is currently addressing the issue by engaging with young college students in various universities, encouraging and teaching insights and ways as to overcome these mental problems. 

These students are so adapted to the norm of school stress that they could easily plunge into mental depression without the slightest knowledge. School administrations are heavily dealing with cases of anxiety and panic day in, day out. WHO defined mental health as a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully and is able to make a contribution to her or his community. It’s normal for students to experience school stress but highly important they do not go above line and always remain in check. 

Bob emphasizes on the need for human connection, total freedom from phone addiction and counseling. He said that the real problem is the choice of social connection rather than interacting with our fellow individuals. This is an important issue that must be addressed. Human connection is slowly dying and nobody listens anymore. Instead, they all want to say something. Gone are the days when children go to playgrounds to play. They would rather play games on smartphones or chat on social media, which in return can persuade them into believing they need to be something or someone they are not. Bob is passionate about these problems and is currently teaching young students on how to be in a good mental state. He has currently visited over 45 universities on this rising topic.

US Olympic Gold and Silver Medal Volleyball Coach, Hugh McCutcheon said, "Bob is an engaging, enlightening and unique presenter. His delivery is highly entertaining and his message is powerful. I would recommend him to anyone - a great guy, with a great message that impacts his audience in a positive and meaningful way."

Bob Kittell is a Utah motivational speaker who connects with students, corporate leaders, and employees. He entertains with interaction, humor, and energy, and makes your entire event fun. Bob has spoken to audiences in over 150 cities nationally and internationally. His message of hope helps people find success in their business and personal lives. His approach motivates people to take action today and rise to a compelling vision with a crystal-clear game plan for successful living. Attendees learn how to keep getting up one more time and find the courage to keep moving forward. He’s amazing memory methods are fun to learn.

For more information or enquiry, you can reach out to Bob at or (801) 602-4340.

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