Luxury and lifestyle arrives in Bangalore with Global Developer’s new world-class villas

Luxury and lifestyle arrives in Bangalore with Global Developer’s new world-class villas

BANGALORE, INDIA - 04/11/2018 — Global Developers have been one of the premium real-estate constructors in India since the company’s inception in 2005. Now, the builders are pleased to announce the opening of exclusive luxury villas in Bangalore, Karnataka, ready to be bought by just a lucky few.

Nothing expresses wealth and status quite like the purchase of a luxury villa. As a place to live or simply visit, a villa built with the pristine quality and attention to detail that Global Developers put into each and every one of their constructions, is an incredible extravagance to enjoy .

As India’s very own Silicon Valley, Bangalore is now home to some of the brightest and best minds in the world. With an economic rate of growth that outstrips China’s, there is a thriving middle-class  and also the elite class in the city that demands the best. Global Developer’s opulent villas deliver.

Golden Pearl’s newest developments are built using no-expense-spared state-of-the-art construction technology. Solar street lamps and inter-connecting roads weave through the 50 acres of pristine land, where residents can enjoy access to water 24-hours a day.

Effortlessly stylish and high quality vitrified and wooden  floors span the length and breadth of the villas which feature the finest finishing to the incredible interiors within.

Global Developer’s villa project Golden Pearl's Corridor System ensures that rainwater, underground electricity cables, internet cables, sewage, and water line pipelines are tucked away from the view of the naked eye, but remain protected and easily accessible should maintenance be required.

The development features an amphitheater, ATM, sports courts and facilities, a clinic, a clubhouse, barbeque area, a gym, a restaurant, a skating rink, and a spa among other amenabilities.  Global Developers ensures that the lifestyle of the truly modern can be enjoyed here.

With beautifully cared for lawns, waterfalls, and a clean, pristine streams running throughout the development, there is a touch of nature for children and families to enjoy.

With Global Developers, the security of each individual resident is a primary concern. For that reason, the villas are guarded by round-the-clock security personnel and also with C.C cameras with 360 degree monitoring to guarantee the safety of you and your family.

Life is to enjoy and by purchasing a villa in one of these exclusive developments, that is exactly what you can do.

This awe-inspiring villa development provides a level of luxury like no other. Make sure you don’t miss out by contacting us today. We’re always happy to show you around.

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Global Developers is one of India’s leading luxury building constructors. Founded in 2005 by Mr. Kodanda Rami Reddy, the company specializes in the design and construction of beautiful and unique buildings.

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