Liberty Auto Protection New Jersey

Liberty Auto Protection New Jersey

OCEAN TOWNSHIP, NEW JERSEY - 08/17/2018 — Liberty Auto Protection NJ is proud to announce coverage for residents throughout the state.  For years, residents of the great state of New Jersey have endured auto ownership without the trusted safety net many other citizens have come to enjoy in other areas of the country. Finally there is a practical solution that can help save time and money.

Liberty auto protection offers warranty services for vehicle owners.  The basic idea behind third party auto warranty protection is to protect vehicle owners from unforeseen costs associated with cars, trucks, motorcycles and other forms of conveyance. With traditional insurance, people are protected financially against things like damage to their vehicle, property damage they or others have caused and limited protection for medical costs.  

Should a vehicle break down from mechanical problems however, then people are left high and dry.  Liberty Auto Protection specializes in coverage that helps people cover the unexpected costs that arise when vehicles break down.  If one morning your transmission should die, or your engine stop running, or steering go out; a warranty plan from Liberty Auto Protection can help cover the cost of those astronomical repair bills.  Not only is the cost covered but Liberty also has relationships with dealers and repair shops as well as other coverages that can help keep you on the road.  

Not only do customers get peace of mind knowing that repairs are covered but they can also rest assured that their warranty coverage is accepted by dozens of dealerships and repair shops all over the state.  That means you get to keep your favorite mechanic or dealership.  There's nothing worse than taking your vehicle into a repair shop only to find out they do not accept your warranty coverage.  Liberty maintains relationships with numerous repair businesses so you have multiple choices when it comes time to find a repair shop.  

In addition to coverage for repairs, customers of Liberty Auto Protection will also enjoy all of the other benefits that come with a comprehensive warranty plan.  For example customers can get roadside towing coverage should their vehicle break down on the side of the road.  Customers can also get access to a rental car when their vehicle is in the shop.  Many times, repair shops can take days or even weeks before they are able to repair a vehicle or obtain the proper parts.  That means people are unable to get to work, school, or get their family around.  With Liberty Auto, customers can get rental car coverage when they need it the most so they don't miss a day of work or time with family.

Warranty coverage from Liberty Auto is a life saver for the residents of New Jersey.  Many auto repair bills can run into the thousands of dollars and those bills can pop up without warning.  For many people, a vehicle is a lifeline to running the rest of their lives.  With all of the protections that Liberty offers, vehicle owners have a well-rounded coverage safety net to help them when things go bad.  

To learn more about Liberty and the protections offered by the company, you can visit or for frequently asked questions, details on coverage, and customer reviews.  You can also find out how to purchase warranty coverage for yourself or family members.

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