Jon Giaan Empowers Entrepreneurs, Business People And Dreamers With Knowledge Source

Jon Giaan Empowers Entrepreneurs, Business People And Dreamers With Knowledge Source

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA - 07/24/2016 — Jon Giaan is a self-made Australian businessman who traveled on a journey of self-education to become a successful financier and multi-million dollar property investor. Today, Giaan is offering his message of empowerment and self-reliance as the road to success with his innovative education and training company, Knowledge Source.

Knowledge Source is a resource that brings together some of the top achievers and educators in the areas of property investment and self-improvement. It’s Giaan’s philosophy (earned after years of hard work, failure, trial and error and eventual success), that surrounding yourself with successful people is one of the major keys to real achievement. Knowledge Source is a training and event business that coaches, supports and motivates people to achieve their goals through self-reliance and self education.

Giann is a living example of the power of self-education and positive thinking. As one of his mentors once said, “Formal education will get you a job. Self education will make you rich.”

How did Knowledge Source come to be? Giaan developed his innovative business training system after spending years educating himself in business and finance. He started his pursuit of real success relatively late, as a thirty-six year old father of three young children. Though he started out with limited funds, limited prospects and a limited formal education, he pursued a course of self education by attending every business and personal growth seminar he could find. After years of study and trial and error and yes, failure, he finally found his niche as a direct response marketing expert. From there, he developed his own business as a coach, consultant and publisher. His successes lead him to invest in properties, and he now manages a portfolio valued at $35 million.

Giaan’s message is clear. Opportunity abounds for those who are willing to embrace it. In Jon Giann's view, failure doesn't have to be the end, as long as you pay attention to what it is telling you. Success comes from learning from experience and from acknowledging what works. Knowledge Source is a positive program whose time has really arrived for those who want to learn how to succeed in business and in life.

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