Japan Content experiential guesthouse for visitors from overseas [OTAKU HOUSE] Project started. Official Teaser site is now open!!

Japan Content experiential guesthouse for visitors from overseas [OTAKU HOUSE] Project started. Official Teaser site is now open!!

TOKYO, JAPAN - 07/06/2018 — New experiential guesthouse, [OTAKU HOUSE], surrounded by exciting Japan Content

has started its project for 2019 Spring opening.

The place is planned to be the holy place of game and anime, Akihabara.

We will be getting supporters through Crowd Funding, aiming at March 2019 opening.


Southworks Co. Ltd., in Tokyo, specializing of localization and distribution of Japanese 

local content such as on-line games to overseas market.On July 3, 2018, Southworks 

opened its official new website of a first of its kind guest house [OTAKU HOUSE] . 

The concept of [OTAKU HOUSE] is [Feel the excitement much closer], which Southworks wants to offer an exciting place where visitors to Japan from overseas can enjoy and feel Japan content much closer.



1. Capsule style Bunkroom

Enjoy your favorite anime or manga leisurely. LCD screen and reading light.

2. Living room with anime books, manga books and games

The space you can communicate with people from all over the world.

3. VR Experience room

Enjoy the latest VR

4.Cosplay room

Experience cosplay, Photographing event with well known cosplayers


[Teaser Site]

We are receiving requests and questions from people who are interested in [OTAKU HOUSE].

You can also find introduction of facilities .We are listening well to requests and opinions to

improve the plan accordingly.
OTAKU HOUSE Official Teaser Site : http://www.otakuhouse.tokyo/en/


[Crowd Fund]

We are starting Crowd funding from late July using platform [Kickstarter]

We will offer attractive rewards to those who are supporting us on Crowd funding, such as

Free stay at [OTAKU HOUSE], or one-day experiential tour ticket


For more information about Crowd Funding
OTAKU HOUSE official Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/otakuhouse.tokyo/)

Please find how to support us on Crowd funding on our official Facebook page.

Supporters can help us using [Kickstarter]


[Our schedule]
Late July-September, 2018      Invite Crowd Funding supporters

October, 2018 ~                          [OTAKU HOUSE] Start to prepare for Opening 

April, 2019                        [OTAKU HOUSE] Open


Company Profile
Name: Southworks Co.Ltd.,
Established: June, 2017
Founder: Kazuki Tomiyama
Capital: 2,500,000JPY
Description of Business: Localization of Japan-local games, Web consulting?Hotel business
Address: Kawahara bldg..4F, 1-20-7 Jin-nanShibuya, Tokyo, Japan
TEL: 81-3-50-5243-1907

OTAKU HOUSE Facebook: https://facebook.com/otakuhouse.tokyo/
OTAKU HOUSETeaser site: http://www.otakuhouse.tokyo/en/

MAIL: info@southworks.co.jp

Att: Gohno (Ms.)

Media Contacts:

Company Name: SouthWorks Co.,Ltd
Full Name: Chisako Gono
Phone: +819019493374
Email Address: Send Email
Website: http://southworks.co.jp/en/