Invest in the diamond business and make a profit can now every

Invest in the diamond business and make a profit can now every

The perpetual stereotype that the diamond business is closed and conservative is broken by the company Reger Diamond, declaring early in the year about entering to ICO. Now, to have a share in the diamond business, you don't need to be a billionaire. It is just enough to buy Reger Diamond Security Token, and start getting profit from diamonds

The company has been working on the market since 2009, when a diamond processing plant was launched in Luxembourg with a capacity of 30 000 carats per year. To increase the capacity and reach new markets in January 2018 in the Czech Republic a company was founded planning to produce diamonds and jewelry and take them to the mass market. The new project team consists mainly of participants from the previous business. The company ambitions are impressive! It is planned to build a factory, purchase high-precision modern equipment, and the first batch of products according to the business plan is planned to be received already in the end of 2018.

Advantages of diamonds and brilliants are obvious - for 70 years the price for them in the world market has increased 10 times. It speaks about the stable growth and profit in the long-term perspective. However, RDS Token authors combined all advantages of the diamond business and cryptocurrency, which will give the opportunity to get great profits in the medium and short term. In addition, each of 21.5 million coins issued at the initial stage of ICO will be fully secured by the company real assets. This means that the investor can at any time sell coins at the face value. There are little such guarantees in the cryptocurrency market, if there might be none of them at all. In fact, it is a product that has both security and all opportunities to trade in the market and increase its value at times, being cryptocurrency.

Another guarantee is that at the end of each year investors receive dividends from the diamond business in sum of 20% as RDS Token. And if the exchange rate on the market by this time will grow, for example, 5 times, the income of the investor will make 100% per annum and more.

To become an investor of the diamond business already today, you need to purchase RDS Token. For that it is needed to go to the website and register, get an access to the personal account - and buy the required number of coins. Investments start from 100 USD.

The profit according to the business-plan of the project and the smart-contract concluded in the personal cabinet can be received in a year. Dividends will be up to 20%. However, the investor can bring own coins to the market, and if the market price increases, you can at any time sell them at the right rate. Thus, earnings will be many times more. This will, of course, violate terms of the smart-contract, and the investor will not receive 20% profit by results of the year. But if you want fast money - that's all possible!

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