Introducing the First and Only Association for Health, Fitness, Wellness, and Nutrition Business Owners

Introducing the First and Only Association for Health, Fitness, Wellness, and Nutrition Business Owners

LAS VEGAS, NV - 08/01/2018 — Announcing the launch of the International Association of Health and Nutrition Business Owners (IAHNBO). A first of its kind in the nation, the IAHNBO is dedicated to enhancing the value of health, fitness, wellness and nutrition professionals. With a commitment to its member’s growth from the inside-out, IAHNBO is a place for professionals to exchange ideas, learn best practices, and monetize their passions with proven business growth techniques.

“I realized that there was a gap in the industry surrounding business development and education,” said IAHNBO Founder and President Lisza Crisalle.  “After discussing this need with our team of industry experts, the International Association of Health and Nutrition Business Owners was born. It was created to be an international business training association dedicated to creating leaders in the art, science, and business of the health, fitness, wellness, and nutrition industry.”

IAHNBO members receive ongoing benefits including: 

  • Expert Series Webinars and Events featuring top business trainers and coaches for leadership, guidance, and mentoring.
  • Continuing Education (CEC's/CEU's) and Certification programs, and mini courses.
  • Monthly webinars and trainings covering current topics such as business development, marketing, payment processing, client communication, functional movement assessments, DNA Testing and more.
  • Extensive tools and resources to enhance productivity and results.
  • Specialized sales and marketing tools including customizable templates, eBooks, and articles. 
  • RealLife Magazine delivered electronically every two months featuring articles and tips.
  • An online interactive forum committed to education, collaboration, community and fun!
  • Business and Personal Development Book Library featuring discussions, reviews and recommendations.
  • Association, national and industry calendar of events.
  • Member Spotlight highlighting members who are making a difference in the community.
  • Member only exclusive discounts on certifications and continuing education courses from Association partners and sponsors. 
  • Opportunities to network and collaborate with other industry professionals.

The introductory price for an IAHNBO membership is $27.00/month. A discount is available for members who pay in full for the year at $270.00. IAHNBO donates a portion of each member’s dues to non-profit organizations. In addition, new members receive a complimentary Mini Professional Business Audit valued at $97.00. Interested professionals may join online at

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