Innovative new business consultant PepTalk Group leverages tech and extensive experience to offer small businesses a helping hand

Innovative new business consultant PepTalk Group leverages tech and extensive experience to offer small businesses a helping hand

DALLAS, TEXAS - 02/19/2018 — PepTalk Group is the new hope for small businesses. Fresh, original, and designed around the needs of a small business, PepTalk Group is a collection of seasoned experts ready to help small businesses address low sales, failing business strategies, and other issues commonly found among small, struggling businesses in the United States.

Small business is tough. It is no surprise that while 80 percent of small businesses survive their first year in operation, the number plummets to only 50 percent in the third year and progresses to a mere 30 percent by year ten.

These numbers, believes PepTalk Group founder and CEO, Christian Karega, should not be so low. As a Harvard Business School grad, Karega was interested in creating solutions to address the high number of small business failures.

“As I engaged in conversations with business owners, two things became apparent,” she says. “Firstly, there is a huge chasm between professional services available to large corporations and expert advice available to small business owners. Secondly, Silicon Valley’s software solutions geared towards small businesses rarely move beyond early adopters into the broader small business market. There are innovative technologies being developed to help small businesses run better at lower costs, but most small business owners do not know about them.”

Karega founded PepTalk Group in order to address a problem she believed she could fix. Bringing together a group of the very brightest minds, educated at schools like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and Cornell, PepTalk Group offers innovative support and expert coaching services to struggling businesses.

The group believes that small business consultation is in dire need of an upgrade.

“The SBA has general resources that are difficult to navigate. Small business consulting firms often require costly retainers and high hourly rates. Small business coaching programs usually want to upsell clients - not just aptly and succinctly answer client questions. I started PepTalk Group to address the lack of professional services focused on small businesses,” says Karega.

“Small businesses often have challenges that could be fixed with technology that is cheaper and more feature-rich than what they are using,” she continues. “We hand select our experts, and they are passionate about problem-solving.”

PepTalk Group offers on-demand coaching. If that isn’t enough, their highly educated business professionals will work with clients on implementation. This hybrid approach to meeting the needs of small business is destined to disrupt small business consulting.

About PepTalk Group

PepTalk Group hand selects on-demand professional experts to get your small business in shape. Our sole purpose is to provide affordable professional services to small business owners and hopeful entrepreneurs.

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