Daytona Beach, Florida - 11/19/2020 — Thanking that special someone who is well worth their weight in gold is now a reality.

It’s the time of year to show our gratitude, but how do we do that in this bizarre and unsettling world?

A limited production, yet easily affordable Golden Saint Basil Coin is now available as a token gift that will inspire, and be cherished, by those who never expect more than a simple Thank You.

Everyday heroes of our nation include our own citizens, police, fire, paramedics, nurses and doctors, all of whom are in harm’s way during these critical times. The compassionate among us are the ones who deserve our respect and gratitude, making a difference in the lives of others.

Those nameless Heroes do not expect praise or reward, even a simple Thank You will do, but why not go the extra step? This year’s Ultimate 2020 Thank You gift is now on sale for less than $15 and is certain to arouse the appreciation you have recognized.

Hit the pause button and treat yourself to the satisfaction of brightening someone’s day when they receive this uniquely handsome gift. The coin has been blessed by an Orthodox Priest, further making it a priceless token of your appreciation. The famous St. Basil Vasilopita tradition has been celebrated by over 220 million people all over the world for 1,600 years, and definitely the perfect time for giving.

Some people might say it’s the thought that counts, which makes this coin the obvious answer.

St. Basil the Great was the embodiment of generosity, making this coin exceptionally exclusive.

A stunningly beautiful, impressively presented, keepsake rings true to the season and its purpose.

Since 1963, Patmos Press has been serving the Eastern Orthodox Community exclusively online across the United States and the rest of the world, but this coin is for everyone regardless of religion.

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