Improving Car Sales In The United States And How Don Forman Nissan Dealership Is Surprisingly Beating The Odds

Improving Car Sales In The United States And How Don Forman Nissan Dealership Is Surprisingly Beating The Odds

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas - 11/15/2020 — Despite the country's sanitary conditions yet to show noticeable improvements, the U.S market finally begun showing signs of recovery at the start of September 2020. The coronavirus ravaged the world but the U.S remains the country that has the highest number of fatalities in the entire world. Surveys show that about 1.4 million units were sold in the month of September alone being a 7.2 percent improvement and the total annual sales stood at 10.4 million units which was an 18.2 percent dip compared to the previous year. The market leader Ford recorded all-time high numbers compared to its closest rivals by recording a 42.9 percent growth after the month of March. Toyota followed the trend of performance improvement behind Ford by recording a 14.3 percent growth whereas Nissan recorded the worst results by losing almost 765 percent of the sales. 

Post Covid-19 Automobile Market Trends

The US Government's approach to the pandemic has been surprising considering it I the world's largest economy. The late remedial steps to combat the effects of the pandemic has been blamed for the long period of economic downturn, especially in respect of the U.S automobile market. According to the recent analysis, the Auto market shrunk by 31 percent shortly after the declaration of the coronavirus as a global pandemic, with the first quarter ending with 3.47 million sales of light vehicles (being a 12 percent drop). 

During the month of April, the market performed even poorer by 43 percent. This performance was fair when compared to other major European markets perhaps attributed to the decision by the Trump administration not to lock down the country completely. In Many, the sales were approximately 1.19 million units which was a 24.6% drop compared to the same time last year, but which was a good show considering the severity of the virus coupled with the lockdown. In June, a 25% drop was reported with 1.14 units sold, a figure that closed the First Half down 23.1 percent. In July, the total sales were 1.178 units, which was a 16% drop while August saw a 20 percent drop after only 1.32 million units were sold.

Reasons Why Don Forman Nissan Continues to Push Through 

Unlike most car dealerships, Don Forman Nissan Las Vegas has surprisingly got through this wave of the pandemic if its sales and the significant amount of resources channeled towards charity are any statistics to go by. Having worked in Las Vegas for years, Don Forman understands the Automobile market and knows that capturing the hearts of the people is what every business needs to if it has to continue appealing to the vast majority of the customers. Here are some of the things that Don Forman, the chairman of Don Forman Nissan has been doing to retain control over its sales and the market at large.

A Wide Range of Reliable Warranty Plans

Since different people have varied needs, including car protection plans, Don Forman Nissan studied consumer behavior and established that every car owner needs a custom solution to care protection needs. For this reason, the automobile car dealership designed the most affordable and reliable warranty and protection plans at extremely discounted prices. 

A Selection of top-notch Brands and Models

Over the years, Don Forman car dealership has been dealing in a wide range of carefully selected automobiles that appeal to the quality requirements. With some of the highly reliable, durable, and dependable brands, His dealership has been able to win the confidence of the people of Las Vegas. All these vehicles are accompanied by MSRP savings, making him and his dealership one of the top sellers as well as partners in the manufacturing sector. His strong legacy in terms of charity both locally and regionally has placed him on an edge above the rest. By remaining true to his business model and vision of being the best provider of Sedans, SUVs, Trucks, and other models, Don Forman is helping individuals make their dreams become a reality by owning some of the top-quality vehicles at record low prices.

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