How To Build Profitable Business Relationships

How To Build Profitable Business Relationships

United States, New York, New York - 11/12/2019 — Many entrepreneurs find building healthy relationships just as much as a challenge today as they did as a kid. From the natural isolation that being an entrepreneur creates, to being so passionate about the work that you overdeliver way too much for your buying audience.


When our innate human needs for love, acceptance, and connection aren’t being fulfilled in our personal life, it is way too easy to look for the fulfillment of these human needs in our business relationships. This can easily sink your business’’ financial success and ruin your brand’s reputation. 


On this week’s episode of the Notoriety Network’s hit fall show The Advisers, business, branding, and marketing experts - Cassandra Shepard, Ali Craig, and Amy Lokken- break down the do’s and don’ts on how to build healthy and profitable business relationships. From relationships with your clients, staffers, independent contractors, to fellow business acquaintances - the advisers tell it like it is for all the relationships in your life. 


“Far too often people get way too personal with their clients and fellow business acquaintances. Call it a need for connection or a misplaced attempt at being transparent, such a “tell-all” relationship style tells all to run away because you aren’t stable enough to be a true expert,” says branding expert Craig. 


“Plus people forget that true influential relationships take time to build. Nothing is instant.” points out marketing expert Amy Lokken.


Don’t miss this week’s episode as The Advisers get real about what it really takes to build profitable business relationships in today’s society. 


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