How A Simple Act Of Kindness Can Transform A Community

How A Simple Act Of Kindness Can Transform A Community

United States, New York, New York - 10/10/2019 — Sometimes the greatest sparks start from the simplest origins. This was the case of Spreading Hearts non profit. Beginning as a simple way to recognize the heart and internal beauty in random strangers we meet, has blossomed into an organization changing lives around the world and in communities suffering from social injustice. 

On this week’s episode of Spark Stories on Apple Tv’s BRANDpreneur™ Network, Jeanne Malnati and her daughters, share the spark that started the Spreading Heart’s ( journey. From how a simple trip could create connection within hostile communities and the world at large.

“Spreading Hearts may have started out as a family affair, but their passion and reach is extending far beyond the Chicago streets,” says Ali Craig, host of Spark Stories,”Spreading Hearts proves that the simplest acts can have the most profound impact when people recognize that you see and appreciate them simply for being a fellow human being.”

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