Hip Hop Artist & Activist Paul Mahsahn Debuts New Video,

Hip Hop Artist & Activist Paul Mahsahn Debuts New Video,

Memphis, Tennessee - 04/01/2021 — As we embark on the anniversary of Dr.Kings assassination, as well as the upcoming stages of the trial for George Floyd's murder, passover, along with recent events of artists placing human blood in their shoes, it is clear that many feel disillusioned with religion as countless wars, along with mental conditioning for slavery, has been attributed to it. Memphis music artist, rapper and community activist Paul Mahsahn, known for the black feminist anthem Ms.Jetblack along with 4 brief roles in the Nationwide theater movie "The Brian Banks Story", releases an incredibly powerful video titled "Where were you God" about a no holds barred conversation between God and Black America, where both sides confront each other to argue their points in strong, gripping fashion regarding these issues. 

With the world at large in more turmoil than ever, many are wondering has God abandoned humanity, in particular Black America. Mahsahn brings this concept to life in a fiery conversation between God and Black America.

Annual attendance in churches began declining years before the pandemic began. "The single comes when grief, pain, suffering, homelessness, racial injustice and abuse of children has risen nationally, while we are also suffering a global pandemic which has cost the lives of millions. Loved ones, along with all facets of the economy, have been stressed beyond measure. Dire situations have caused many to question long-held cherished belief systems. This record drew inspiration from experience," stated Mahsahn.

"This is a record for all those we loved and lost in 2020. For the kids in cages, to the people suffering from starvation," says Mahsahn. "Also for the injustice that happened to Breanna Taylor, George Floyd, and Ahmoud Abry to where it appears there is no justice but only just us.

Paul Mahsahn states that he will be dedicating the third quarter royalties from the music single to go towards supporting Coronavirus Relief, homelessness, and other issues affecting the urban Memphis community. 

The radio single was aired on Shade 45 for a month. The video has currently been in rotation on Brink TV Comcast 31 Memphis at 9:30 p.m. and Comcast 29 Atlanta at midnight. This work will be part of a larger works series titled "The Secluded Truth". The artist will be performing in a variety of local night spots around Memphis in May. the artist is calling on news, radio shows, as well as talk shows to either call the artist for a live appearance on the show or give a careful ear to this powerful record relevant for our current times. The artist has an upcoming interview on wian piece of cake podcast and radio live Memphis concerning this.

The artist also says to be on the lookout for more music. Video link available here:


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