Hello, Mister President: Dynamic New Website Launching on Independence Day Lets People Share Personal Video Messages with the President on Issues That Matter

Hello, Mister President: Dynamic New Website Launching on Independence Day Lets People Share Personal Video Messages with the President on Issues That Matter

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - 07/02/2018 — What could be more American than parties, parades, and fireworks on Independence Day (4 July)? One video messaging website and app, Hello Mister President, launching this Independence Day, is opening new, direct channel of communication with the White House using video messages – and anybody can use it.

Although the White House has long invited Americans to write in or call the President, the website launch marks a significant step forward for patriots. By allowing regular Americans to communicate on a more personal, face-to-face level with the President, the site makes it possible for grassroots movements to get into the Oval Office for a personal audience.

“This is direct democracy in action: President Trump uses Twitter on a daily basis to get his message across, but Twitter makes it hard for us to speak back, be heard, and then be acknowledged. Hello Mister President puts a face to the name, and more importantly, personalizes the messages; in turn, their voice will have far more impact on the office of President” said the founder and CEO of Hello Mister President, Bobby Morahan.

“The internet has transformed how we speak to each other, and video messaging manages to make conversations across time and space that much more intimate. This is a non-partisan messaging app that removes a lot of barriers to talking to the President. Now, you can share your thoughts and your ideas directly – as you could with anyone else – with the most powerful man in the nation.”

People can also vote on all video messages submitted to Hello Mister President. This feature allows the best videos to rise to the top, while also revealing demographic graphs. The demographic graphs are collected through user-submitted data when registering, allowing other users as well as policymakers to clearly see what segments of the population are thinking on any given issue at the time.

“What truly matters is not what truly controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people,” President Trump told America in his inauguration address. “January 20, 2017, will be remembered as the day the people became rules of this nation again.”

Now, with Hello Mister President, the people can deliver a clear, personal message to the incumbent President – and to future ones.

For more information about Hello Mister President and to add a personal video message for the incumbent President of the United States of America, please visit http://www.hellomisterpresident.com. For all general and media inquiries regarding the goals and vision behind Hello Mister President, please email Bobby Morahan at moderator@hellomisterpresident.com.

About Hello Mister President

Hello Mister President is a neutral, non-partisan site where users can submit video messages to be sent to the President of the United States. The site collects submitted videos and sends them to the White House once a month. The website marks a watershed in opening a direct, highly visible line of communication between the executive and the people. For more information about Hello Mister President, please visit the company’s website .

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