HCI TV Introduces HealthCare-Grade Android Set Top Box

HCI TV Introduces HealthCare-Grade Android Set Top Box

CINCINNATI, OH - 01/08/2018 — HCI TV announces the launch of its Android-based, healthcare-grade Set Top Box, the HUB.  The product opens access to HCI’s Interactive Patient Care (IPC) platform to any healthcare television with an HDMI port.

As hospitals look to increase reimbursements by improving patient experience and optimizing performance, patient communication tools that integrate into EHR and assist in providing positive patient outcomes are critical.

“HCI has traditionally been a hardware-centric company,” says Rick Pratt, CEO of HCI TV.  “Today, the company is a solution provider committed to seamlessly integrating our products with any existing hospital infrastructure to create a positive patient experience.  We are excited about the HUB because it allows us to finally bring our interactive, scalable solution to the masses.”

The HUB provides hospital’s the ability to display smart TV technology with their existing TV infrastructure. Giving patients instant access to patient education, movies, social media, email, and games, can often lead to higher patient satisfaction scores. Utilizing the existing pillow speaker, patients can navigate to each App using the cursor arrows and select their choice with a simple click, just like they would at home.  

Using our HUB, hospitals can:

  • maximize reimbursements – by helping to ensure patient satisfaction and exceeding CMS regulations
  • equip useful tools for communication with Comprehension testing to ensure understanding
  • connect and communicate with other hospital systems to provide automated and customized care plans
  • craft a robust, custom, and flexible solution that meets its own ever-changing needs
  • open the door to be able to access endless third-party apps
  • remote configuration and updates, minimizing patient inconvenience

For over 40 years, HCI TV has specialized in evolving the patient television experience. By delivering on-demand educational content and entertainment via the in-room television, hospitals and health systems are able to improve patient satisfaction, increase staff efficiency through non-clinical task reduction, and decrease re-admissions by providing patient education. HCI Android television systems are UL-listed for hospital use and are designed, assembled and tested in the USA. For more information, visit http://www.hci-tv.com/

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