‘Guide to Stay Mentally Fit’, a book written by a person who recovered from Schizophrenia

‘Guide to Stay Mentally Fit’, a book written by a person who recovered from Schizophrenia

India, Maharashtra, Yavatmal - 11/21/2020 — ‘Guide to Stay Mentally Fit’ is one kind of spiritual and motivational book. It is an inspirational autobiography written by the author Mangesh Dambhare, who suffered from Schizophrenia and got recovered. It is based on the author’s personal opinion, the experience of emotions in life, and advancements while countering Schizophrenic Symptoms. The author is living a successful normal life helping out others like him by encouraging them to stand again and start again the journey of life.

This book is aimed to be helpful for people who are suffering from Schizophrenia in their life or Mental Disorders like depression, anxiety may be caused due to lockdown. One who goes through this book will somehow try to understand the power of the mind and its usefulness. It may help to create some ability to overcome difficulties in life. 

Mangesh Dambhare, the author of the book is a writer from India and a graduate of the University of Pune. He shared in this book his success story of overcoming Schizophrenia. 

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Motivational and Learning Initiative by author Mangesh Dambhare for the Schizophrenia Patients

A person suffering from Schizophrenia finds it difficult for him to organize a course of action. Medication and meditation on improving the thought process at the root level, both are equally important for the treatment of Schizophrenia as it is treatable.

‘Guide to Stay Mentally Fit’ is a book that expounds some ways which help to overcome the conflicts of ideas that come into the mind of Schizophrenia patients or during any kind of mental disorders.

Besides ‘Guide to Stay Mentally Fit’ Mangesh Dambhare is also the author of the Books 'Feel the Power in English Language', and ‘Topic Based Concepts’. 

Mangesh Dambhare also has his online YouTube channel that provides you with motivational and educational videos that generate in you a clear view of the topics in order to keep you organized.

The mission of his life is to empower humans. His books and initiatives for the Schizophrenia patients will encourage you about living this life with better values, ethics, and knowledge involved in the process of building a strong and dynamic personality.

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