Ground-breaking virtual reality headset could transform your next vaccination

Ground-breaking virtual reality headset could transform your next vaccination

New York - 09/15/2020 — Who loves having needles? Nobody. 

1 in 7 adults have a needle fear so bad that they avoid important public health interventions like flu shots – and in young children that fear is universal. 

But what if there was a way to make needle experiences fun? 

Enter Smileyscope – instead of watching the needle, you can put on a virtual reality headset and go on a fun adventure during your medical procedure. The needle – that’s a fish dancing and nibbling at your arms. This patented technology is optimized to alleviate needle anxiety and pain.

Smileyscope has just been awarded a prestigious Good Design Award Gold Accolade in Australia’s International Good Design Awards, after an exhaustive judging process involving 55 jurors and over 800 submissions. This Award is the latest in series of over two dozen awards Smileyscope has won for innovation, design and technology including a Webby Award, the SXSW Impact Pediatric Health competition and UCSF-Stanford’s Pediatric Device Consortium Gold. 

Smileyscope is a world leader in virtual reality for healthcare procedures and has delivered several world first innovations. Smileyscope was first to market worldwide with a regulator-approved virtual reality headset for needle procedures. In an era where infection control is critically important, clinicians can rest assured that Smileyscope’s virtual reality headset is medical grade. It is the only virtual reality headset in the world created specifically for healthcare use with features like antimicrobial protection to comply with international medical device standards. 

The difference is incredible for children, caregivers and clinicians alike. 4-year-old Lea was anxious about her shot before her family physician visit. Her dad, anesthesiologist Dr Martin Nguyen was amazed, “She didn’t even notice that she just had her vaccination! All Lea recalls is diving under the sea like a mermaid.”

Smileyscope’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Evelyn Chan commented: “As a physician, I wanted to build a tool that I could use in my practice. Smileyscope is built for clinicians, by clinicians and the Good Design Award further validates our innovative approach to transforming needles.”

The Award is the latest in a track record of major successes for Smileyscope. Smileyscope was recently proven effective in the world’s largest procedural virtual reality publication, demonstrating reductions in pain, anxiety and the need to restrain children. Results were published in the prestigious peer-reviewed journal The Journal of Pediatrics in 2019.

Smileyscope is being enthusiastically adopted by hospitals, medical and immunization centers internationally. Smileyscope improves clinician and patient satisfaction with needle procedures.

Pharmaceutical and medical device companies are partnering with Smileyscope to combat vaccine hesitancy and improve patient satisfaction for their products and services. 

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