Gourmet Chef Solving the Sugar-Free Dessert Dilemma for the Diabetic Community

Gourmet Chef Solving the Sugar-Free Dessert Dilemma for the Diabetic Community

San Diego, CA - 02/20/2021 — First generation immigrant and type 2 diabetic executive chef Marco Gaona launches The Cooking Penguin to bringa new generation of sugar free desserts to the masses.

San Diego, CA Feb 19th, 2021 - According to the CDC, as of 2020, over 34.2 Million people suffer from diabetes and 88 million, or 34.5%, of the US adult population are prediabetic. Despite the exponential growth of diabetes in the U.S., sugar-free desserts are few and far between. The Cooking Penguin (TCP) is changing the game with hand-crafted, delicious mousse cakes that look and taste like something out of a Michelinstar restaurant. Unbelievably, all TCP’s cakes are also sugar-free!

What sets apart The CookingPenguin (TCP) cakes from other sugar-free desserts

TCP cakes don’t have the unfavorable aftertaste commonly associated with sugar-free products and are free of all artificial sweeteners. The company was inspired by head chef Marco Gaona’s personal battles with type 2 diabetes and struggle to find healthy desserts that tasted good.

“3 Years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes after flatlining in a Sharp Memorial hospital bed,” explains Head Chef Marco Gaona, “My blood sugar levels were 10x normal levels and I weighed over 350 pounds. After my near-death experience, I decided to use my 30+ years of professional cooking experience to turn my life around. Since 2016, I have lost over 125 pounds using healthy, delicious meals that don't compromise taste for health. One of the biggest things I have missed, however, is tasty desserts."

As an immigrant from Mexico who has survived and thrived through exceptional personal hardships, Marco was up for the challenge.

“After finding that there are few if any market options for healthy desserts, I set out to invent my own, coming up with a delicious chocolate mousse cake I call “The Cooking Penguin.” Since then, Marco has invented three cakes and a cookie recipe with many more in the works. He hopes to share his amazing techniques, cooking recipes, and story with as many people as possible so that those with diabetes have access to healthier, delicious meals and desserts.

To learn more, check out Marco and The Cooking Penguin on their Kickstarter page. TCP is currently seeking to raise $5,000 to cover startup costs and is now accepting pre-orders for their desserts through March 6th, 2021.

For media Inquiries, questions and interview requests please contact AJ Crawford at aj@thecookingpenguin.com or by cell at 619-642-5770. You can also view The Cooking Penguin’s website at www.thecookingpenguin.com. (Currently accepting orders through Kickstarter only)

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