Gold Byte Coin is Ready to Profit from the Tourism Market using Blockchain Technology

Gold Byte Coin is Ready to Profit from the Tourism Market using Blockchain Technology

NETHERLANDS - 02/28/2018 — The Hotel and Resort industry Generate 878 Billion (USD) PA, and the annual growth of this business is 3.2% P.A. More than 4.3 Million Employees are working in this industry, and 572,000 enterprises are attached to this sector. The number of international tourist arrivals worldwide is expected to help increase the above figures.

The most popular solution is the employment of information technology (IT). Every year we witness various new services embedded in the Hotel and Resort industry from the digital accounting system to online booking services and website where customers can view and read reviews. At the same time, thanks to the rapid growth of mobile devices around the globe, web applications can be transferred on to mobile platforms to make services available to customers at any time and in any location.  The growth of mobile devices around the globe and the number of people using mobile devices surpassed the number of people using computers for the first time.

In the Hotel and Resort industry, it is imperative to deliver a seamless, personal and innovative guest experience. With so many opportunities for customer interactions and potential for sales, many hotels have various payment solutions and systems at every point of interaction. It is important to work with a solution provider that has different solutions for every use case/scenario. With blockchain technology, Gold Byte Coin continues to provide dependable and secure payment solutions to hotels and resorts. Having analyzed the existing IT solutions, Gold Byte Coin concluded that the tourism industry needs a global solution that would combine a large number of tools to improve customer service rate and quality.

Now a day’s most consumers are facing difficulties regarding payment solutions, i.e., carrying a limited amount of money due to the laws of different countries, money transfer charges are increasing and transaction times are longer than before. A new payment system would allow firms, individuals, countries and other economic agents to transfer money on a real-time basis without such inconveniences is needed.

Gold Byte Coin is building a unique payment solution. GBC plans to facilitate on-demand payments. It is more than secure, has the ability of lower fees than conventional payment methods, provides faster access with no limitation and freedom of countless transactions used to buy any travel & tourism services.

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