GIA certified diamonds in a “vending machine”. Technology makes it convenient to buy and sell diamond and gold

GIA certified diamonds in a “vending machine”. Technology makes it convenient to buy and sell diamond and gold

LAS VEGAS - 09/18/2018 — Due to its rarity and alluring semblance, diamonds have become a very popular investment choice in recent years. However, generalization of existing trading platforms and processes meet with obstacles of authenticity of the diamonds as well as the sources of where the diamonds were mined.

The Six Linx Technology Group recently announced that it will launch the world's first "diamond vending machine" in Asia. Through the blockchain technology, Six Linx meticulously records the size, clarity and origin of each diamond to create an extremely transparent platform that will solve the obstacles of authenticity and legal source. The diamond vending machine will directly face the end consumers, which helps to rid of unnecessary intermediaries so that consumers can directly purchase their diamonds at a more cost-effective price.

After the release of this news, the diamond vending machine by Six Linx has gained extremely high attention from jewelers and consumers all over the world. It is believed that this unique and innovative sales model will also create a big splash in the entire diamond sales market. We look forward to further developments!

What can we know about Automated Vending Machines?
Do you know how the world's first vending machine came about?

It was known that the first vending machine originated in the 1st century CE and was installed in the ancient Egyptian temple to dispense a set amount of holy water to the people whenever a coin was dropped in the slot at the top. After that, coin-operated machines that dispensed tobacco were being operated as early as 1615, and it opened the prelude to the vending machine. Since then, all sort of items such as beverages, chocolate bars, bubble gum and instant noodles and even eggs, live lobsters, salads, hot and cold drinks, and underwear can be found in vending machines.

Since the advent of vending machines, it has brought incomparable convenience. With the advancement of electronic technology, vending machines have undergone a revolutionary transformation. The new generation of "motion sensor controlled vending machines" integrates and applies "electromagnetic induction reading technology", "multi online communication technology" and "security and decoding technology". The logistics center unifies and control the functions of replenishment, repair, anti-counterfeit and theft to solve issues such as out of stock, lack of currency, damage, theft and other issues.

The merchandise available in vending machines of current day varies widely. From the coin-operated mode of vending machines at the beginning to the current types which connects directly to the internet for bank payment, the vending machine operates in a variety of ways, and the merchandise sold can included almost everything needed for daily use. Even high-end merchandise such as cars, gold, diamonds, etc. can be purchased directly through vending machines.

24K Pure Gold

The world's first 24 carat gold bar vending machine stands in Emirates Palace located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, the Capital of the United Arab Emirates, making it accessible for public to purchase gold. The gold bullion vending machine has also appeared in Beijing’s bustling Wangfujing shopping area which attracted much buzz and attention.

Luxury Products

If you feel that buying gold is too ostentatious, you could consider purchasing merchandise from the vending machine in Hudson Hotel, located in Miami, USA. The luxury fashion vending machine carries merchandise from renowned American designers and varies from red rubies bracelets, snake –print handbags, handcrafted woolen ties, rabbit fur coats, etc. If you need to attend a last-minute event, you could easily spruce up your simple outfit with any of these gorgeous fashion statement pieces.


In May 2017, Singapore launched the "world's largest luxury car vending machine", which stands 15 storeys high and can hold up to 60 cars. The vending machine dispenses real-life luxury vehicles, including Ferraris and Porsches, as well as Minis. Using a touchscreen display located on the ground floor of the building, users are able to select a car which the system then brings to them in about "one or two minutes". Alibaba will also be launching a similar vending machine service in the near future. Consumers only need to use the Taobao mobile APP to scan and register the test drive appointment, and follow the stipulated process to retrieve the car using face recognition.  

Will Diamond ATMs be possible to upkeep, maintain and most of all secure? Never the less it is the controversy that is keeping consumers intrigued.
Sixlinx Technology will be looking at launching the first prototype in the Jewerlers International Showcase in June 2019, Las Vegas.

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