Get Children to sleep fast, naturally: Meditate, don’t medicate

Get Children to sleep fast, naturally: Meditate, don’t medicate

RYE, NY - 07/06/2018 — Experts agree: We are in a global sleep deprivation epidemic. From toddlers to senior citizens, the sleep crisis spans generations. Daily, it negatively impacts work and school performance, health, and relationships. Long-term, sleep deprivation and frequent late bedtimes for young children affect future health issues as serious as diabetes, cancer, and dementia. Many turn to medication as a quick fix with disastrous results. 

However, there are free, natural, and effective solutions with positive repercussions such as encouraging a lifetime of healthy habits. Sleep experts advise that before seeking medical help, the first steps to take are a consistent bedtime routine, getting out in the sun, reducing screen time at night, and mindfulness practices such as meditation.

Routine and sunlight are easy DIY solutions. However most of us, particularly children, could use some support when it comes to mindfulness and meditation practices.Sleepytime Club has created a guided meditation just for children and sleep. The guided meditation taps into children’s imaginations and is getting great reviews on the Insight Timer app and is accompanied by an illustrated story. Children “put the day to bed”, transforming the events of the day into clouds, placing them on a ship of clouds which sails them off for safekeeping.

Sleepytime Club’s “Put the Day to Bed” guided meditation – audio and PDF – are available for free at

Sleepytime Club’s “Put the Day to Bed” guided meditation for children is now part of the Insight Timer app’s long roster of sleep meditations for children. Insight Timer is a free meditation app with over 10,000 meditations available on smartphones and tablets.Why does mindfulness work?It helps release stress and anxiety. One of the top complaints for those who difficulty sleeping is “busy brain”. Mindfulness meditation at night sets up a calm and peaceful mental boundary between the stresses of the day and restorative sleep. Mindfulness meditation for children can be as simple and effective as asking them to be aware of their breathing and reviewing the events of the day, releasing them with detachment and gratitude.

Sleepytime Club’s contribution to Insight Timer is unique as it comes with an illustrated book. Families can read the Put the Day to Bed practice at their own pace, interacting with children as they follow along.There are two free ways to listen to Sleepytime Club’s Put the Day to Bed meditation – by signing up for the Insight Timer app or downloading both the book and audio at Downloading the audio and book allow for families to use the guided meditation and printable book without internet access or signing up for the app. 

Some reviews for Sleepytime Club’s Put the Day to Bed guided meditation:

“I’m not a kid but this is the best guided meditation for sleep I’ve done! Her voice! The visuals! Love it.” Praia a Mare, Italy

“I use this every day. Love it!” Boston, MA

“So soothing. My favorite voice yet.” Miami, FL

Sleepytime Club is dedicated to making bedtime simple with a routine that is both pleasurable and successful in that it leads to sleep. Everyone has a bedtime routine, but not all bedtime routines help us transition to sleep. Sleepytime Club puts it all together for busy families because when sleep goes right, everything goes right.

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