GAMATCH Team Announces the Release of New Mythological Strategy Mobile Game

GAMATCH Team Announces the Release of New Mythological Strategy Mobile Game

Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan - 02/12/2021 — An enjoyable, full-scale RPG x simulation

GAMATCH team has announced the release of a new mobile gaming app known as Lord of The Wars: Kingdoms. The new game offers the players an opportunity to learn how mythical beings from histories across the world such as Thor, Athena, and Dracula protected themselves from invaders. 

As a gamer, it offers you the freedom to create your city, where you can raise powerful dragons and mythological heroes to protect you from invaders in an immersive magical 3D world full of enemies waiting to break in. To train and prepare them, they will lead battles and participate in domestic affairs around the city. The new game also has the RPG mode where you can choose up to five heroes to battle with evil and collect some decent rewards as you complete them.

Speaking about the newly launched game, the spokesperson of the company indicated that its uniqueness lies in its ability to bring the players together especially during this time when the world is going through difficulties. 

"Our latest game allows you to connect with other players online especially now that the world is going through a pandemic. It all depends on the strategies you will use to survive. Players from across the globe will be interacting with you in real-time, both good and bad. Some might even send some troops over to battle in real-time. You can join or create a guild to forge alliances. You can also learn how to plan attacks, raids, and survival strategies.”

As a way of forging success, the gamer should always make the right friendships. Given that it may be difficult for your guild to compete with real players all over the world, one can proactively engage in diplomacy and tie-ups with other guilds to advance in battle. 

Lord of The Wars is already available for online play globally on both iOS and Android. 

You can download it here:




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