Fighting Fake Degrees: Accredible Leverages Blockchain’s Immutability to Disrupt the Global Education Industry, Bringing Trust Back to Credentials

Fighting Fake Degrees: Accredible Leverages Blockchain’s Immutability to Disrupt the Global Education Industry, Bringing Trust Back to Credentials

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - 04/24/2018 — Accredible, an industry leader in the verification of educational credentials using the blockchain, today revealed its innovative answer to the age-old issue of fake degrees and certification with a futuristic, yet simple and elegant solution.

“In the United States, 21% of all resumes are embellished with these fake degrees. Accredible’s use of the blockchain can bring this down to zero, protecting consumers, the integrity of institutions issuing legitimate degrees, and the professionals who hold them,” said Danny King, CEO of Accredible.

The process of creating and sending a verified certificate or badge takes just a few minutes. For those checking the validity of any credentials, the process is as simple as a click. To see Accredible in action, watch the video further down.

Fake degrees may not hit the headlines as often as fake news – but the consequences are no less devastating. As damaging as they are for the integrity of the person holding one, the true cost may be paid by the public, who can suffer at the hands of people who are not the highly-trained professionals they present themselves as.

In January, the BBC broke a story revealing how thousands of Britons, including NHS staff and nurses, had purchased fake degrees from Axact, a Pakistani degree mill currently under investigation by that nation’s Federal Investigation Agency. In Spain, two leading Spanish politicians, Cristina Cifuentes and Pablo Casado, are under fire for faking their master’s degrees – and these are far from isolated examples.

Accredible is already used by over 400 institutions, including Rosetta Stone, Purdue Global, and MIT, which endured its own fake degrees scandal over a decade ago. To date, over 1,000,000 credentials have been issued.

“Quite simply, once a credential is on our blockchain and validated, it cannot be changed, faked, or copied – but it can be checked in seconds, turning a costly background check into a simple task,” added King. “This is a significant breakthrough for the education industry. Now, unlike fake news, fake degrees can now be consigned to history.”

While many in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space are focused on the rise and fall of Bitcoin, Accredible has delivered a working product that is quietly disrupting the global education industry. As the cryptocurrency markets flounder in the uncertainty of the ongoing bear market, Accredible’s achievements are a clear reminder that cryptocurrency’s underlying blockchain technology is the real deal for future innovation.

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Accredible is an industry-leading digital credentialing platform which allows users to securely issue, manage, track, and verify their credentials. Its platform is used by over 400 organizations worldwide, including MIT, Kaplan University, and Google. For more information about Accredible, please visit the organization’s website.

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