FEWtech Announces TGE Soft Launch to be held at Futurama Summit

FEWtech Announces TGE Soft Launch to be held at Futurama Summit

IBIZA, SPAIN - 09/10/2018 — FEWtech Announces TGE Soft Launch to be held at Futurama Summit

FEWtech, a platform that seeks to utilize blockchain technology to revolutionize and tokenize the multi-billion-dollar/day global agri-business ecosystem, has announced that its Token Generation Event’s soft launch will be held at the Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit in Ibiza, Spain.

FEWtech aims to use blockchain technology to provide farmers, suppliers, vendors, integrators, and producers of food, energy, and water the means to improve supply-chain management, quality assurance, and compliance transactions. Their platform can be used to revolutionize agri-business assets and operations globally while also implementing environmentally sustainable methods of production. Furthermore, their asset-backed FEWL token will enhance the efficiency and reliability of peer-to-peer, B2B, and direct to consumer transactions.

FEWtech is being launched by Barger Tech, Ltd, a highly specialized company that designs, builds, owns and operates integrated, dynamic and interchangeable Food, Energy and Water systems that allow for environmentally sustainable solutions for a growing population and demand.

This represents a significant milestone in our journey towards deploying blockchain technology into the multi-billion-dollar per day agricultural industry,” said Eric Barger, Founder of Barger Tech, Ltd. “We have already developed innovative products and services for on-farm waste and waste-water management, multi-faceted waste to energy solutions, self-sustaining and/or remote off the grid communities, and recycled water preservation systems for large-scale livestock and agricultural production. By holding our soft launch at the prestigious Futurama Summit, we are confident that investors will see the great potential in bringing the benefits of blockchain technology to the agricultural industry globally.”

The Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit — to be held in Ibiza, Spain, from the 10th until the 13th of September 2018 — will attract global influencers who decide the future of the crypto industry. The summit will feature a series of panel discussions on the future of cryptocurrency exchanges, financial regulators will open dialogues with various ICO projects.

FEWtech offers cutting-edge environmentally sustainable methods of sustainable food, renewable energy, and clean water production to create, empower and sustain life. During the TGE soft launch, FEWtech will reveal and elaborate upon the concept behind their innovative FEWtechplatform, announce some of their strategic partnerships, and host an investors’ reception. 

For more information, please visit www.FEWtech.comand www.BargerTechLtd.com.

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