Falls Prevention and Protection National Epidemic - Predictive Health Devices Inc.

Falls Prevention and Protection National Epidemic - Predictive Health Devices Inc.

Falls Prevention and Protection

National Epidemic

STAFFORD, VA - 03/15/2018 — Many baby boomers are getting older and everyone desires to maintain health as we live longer. Now with new exciting technology that’s purpose is to help extend life with solutions to injury, compatibility and hip fractures. There are approximate 410,00 hip fractures per year,hip fractures being the number one cause of accidental death by seniors. Our team of clinical specialists and I have been researching the most advanced new devices that are game changers in healthcare. Predictive Health Devices is your Nationwide consultant/distributor for these amazing new technologies and protocols. www.predictivehealthdevices.com

Predictive Health Devices Inc. – For over 25 years our team has been involved in the emerging healthcare area of Proactive and Predictive Healthcare. Our team is dedicated to reducing negative medical outcomes in healthcare facilities and at home. Our mission is to provide quality training to caregivers and our partners to insure the best solutions available. Predictive Health Devices Inc. only works with the best quality manufacturers utilized by flagship healthcare organization across the globe.

Patient Support Ecosystem - Easy to implement system providing a certified wireless caregiver in form of an avatar to routinely interface with patients/residents to perfect continuity of care. Studies have shown significant reductions in falls and valuable alerts to caregivers either remotely or in house. Provides additional interface protocols to directly impact patient anxiety, cognitive issues delirium and much more.


Care Coachhas developed a technology-enabled care platform that connects a diverse, global team of health advocates with older adults in America via a continuously present, digital avatar. The health advocates provide real-time conversational responses in a social, compassionate way, helping to build rapport and relationships, while software algorithms programmed with clinical and care-related best practices guide the avatar to coach and support the older adults in their multiple chronic condition self-management and other risk-mitigating, wellness-promoting protocols. This system has been shown to work well with diverse patient populations, and has been clinically validated to reduce falls among hospitalized elders by up to 85%, mitigate delirium, and reduce loneliness and depression.


* Fall rate reduction of 70-85% among hospitalized elders (Pace University clinical study: http://www.predictivehealthdevices.com/research/

* Statistically significant mitigation of delirium among hospitalized elders (Pace University clinical study:https://www.predictivehealthdevices.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/P-27.mp4 

* Statistically significant mitigation of loneliness among hospitalized elders (Pace University clinical study:https://www.predictivehealthdevices.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/ezgif.com-resize-Copy.mp4 

* Reduction in depression among community-based elders per PHQ-9 (University of Washington pilot study)
* 57% rate of improved medication adherence and reduced anxiety per GAD-7 (On Lok PACE health plan quality improvement project)


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