Expansion of LIOJI Podcast Network

Expansion of LIOJI Podcast Network

United States, New York, Buffalo - 08/15/2019 — The LIOJI Podcast Network has expanded from the first shows the Gameday Cube Sports Experience and Double Entendre – a podcast for film geeks.

The initiative is about extending the blend of conversations in the sports world by defining shows for individual sports. The new podcast specifically highlights the sports of soccer, competitive individual sports, and the various major leagues.

“The expansion of the podcast network is a strategic initiative to increase brand awareness in the medium. I hope to position the company as a resource in the world of business, sports, film, and society going forward,” said Isaac E, Founder, and CEO of LIOJI.

The new sports podcasts are as follows:
Gameday Cube NFL Show
Gameday Cube NHL Show
Gameday Cube MLB Show
Gameday Cube NBA Show
Gameday Cube FC Show
Gameday Cube College Sports Show
Gameday Cube Competitive Banter

In addition to the expansion of Gameday Cube specific podcast, the company created two additional podcasts. The podcasts are available for subscription on Spotify, Apple, and Google Podcasts.

The first is Tycoons & Visionaries Podcast that interviews entrepreneurs with a range of business professionals who are at the startup to running a million-dollar business. The podcast is intended to provide insight and advice for those looking into starting their own business.

Emmy Lily is a podcast that expresses thoughts on business, sports, pop culture, and politics.

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