Elijah Norton Veritas Global Protection Provides Business Success Tips

Elijah Norton Veritas Global Protection Provides Business Success Tips

United States, Arizona, Phoenix - 02/18/2021 — Elijah Norton knows a lot about running a successful business. He has been there and done that. At a young age, he started a direct marketing startup that ended up generating over $ 10 million in annual revenue. Over the past three years, he has managed companies that have grown by over 100% in annual revenue. Currently, he is the president and founder of Veritas Global Protection, a company that offers the best auto protection plans in the industry. Over 8 years, he has grown this company from humble beginnings to a company with yearly revenue of over $ 50 million. His company has paid millions of dollars in claims.

Elijah Norton is a much sought after speaker. Every major news organization wants to interview him. Recently he was interviewed by Dot Com Magazine and he had a lot to say about business success.


Patience is a trait that Elijah Norton Veritas Global Protection advises budding entrepreneurs to have. He has seen many businesses fail simply for lack of patience. The word overnight success is a word that doesn't exist in Norton's dictionary. He sees it as an illusion and something that can't happen. 

His business philosophy is simple: an entrepreneur has to be ready to wait for years before they can realize their dreams. He is a living testimony of what it means to be patient. He waited for over 3 years for his first business to make a profit.

In his life and business, Norton always takes the long-term approach. He invests himself wholly in all his ventures. He knows that half-baked measures are bound to fail. Elijah Norton Veritas Global Protection states that if a person believes in an idea then they should be able to give their idea full dedication. 


Elijah Norton sees challenges as an integral part of life and considers them as an essential part of growth. Challenges bring the best out of people so long as a person is ready to endure to the bitter end.

In his business life, he has faced many challenges but he has harnessed them for his success. If not for the challenges that he faced early on, he couldn't be the entrepreneur that he is today.

Never Give Up

Norton advises entrepreneurs never to give up no matter the crazy challenges that they are facing. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, Elijah Norton Veritas Global Protection proudly mentions this quote and emphasizes that every budding entrepreneur should stick to this mantra. There is the need to face challenges with a brave face.

Wake up every morning knowing that there will be new challenges during the day but be prepared to find new solutions for these challenges. These are the exact words of Elijah Norton. It is hard to find a success story that isn't defined by challenges. Thomas Edison had 1,000 unsuccessful attempts in his quest to invent the light bulb. When he finally succeeded he said that he never failed but he found out 10,000 ways that don't work. This is the mentality that an entrepreneur needs to have.

Customer Service

 Elijah Norton Veritas Global Protection wouldn't have gotten this far without his customers. He attributes his success to his customers and considers them to be his boss. Without customers, a business is as good as dead. Customer satisfaction should be the main goal of an entrepreneur. A business owner should go out of his way to satisfy customers. 

Elijah Norton has a parting shot for every entrepreneur; focus on satisfying customers in the best manner possible and the money will come. Learn from the unsatisfied customer to improve business practices. For more information about Elijah Norton, visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/elijah-norton-9535b460/.

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