EdMatrix Launched Seamless Agency Management Software

EdMatrix Launched Seamless Agency Management Software

MELBOURNE, VIC - 05/24/2018 — In this new digital era, education & migration agency must have dynamic work environment. Organisations can simplify their operations, competency and functionality for the better result. So, take a decision and stay ahead in digital transformation.

Synotive, a well-known Australian software development company has launched a new product – EdMatrix.

EdMatrix is an agency management software to simplify education and migration agency operations. The EdMatrix software is so simple and easy to use that anybody with no technical experience can breeze through their day to day tasks using one simple software.

EdMatrix enables users to handle appointment and event schedule from the first dashboard screen easily so that education & migration industries can manage multiple operations together effortlessly. With very positive feedback from industry leaders in Australia, EdMatrix is gaining popularity amongst education and migration agencies in a very short period of time.

Why Do You Need Agency Management Software?

Seamless features of agency management software include, but are not limited to; lead management, education application, migration application, campaign management, commission reporting; employees, partners & office management.

Moreover, there are some notable points that clients need to know:

  • User friendly system – Improve collaboration between staff using a simple workflow
  • Branch administration – Enhance office network by quick access to each branch’s performance report
  • Effective customer service – Manage relationship with customers through communication
  • Lead & Client tracking – Track leads and clients through records and share with staff effortlessly
  • Scalable dashboard – Keeps you updated with staff productivity in real time reporting dashboard

The admin panel of EdMatrix gives complete control to handle data, edit and update for business operations and administrative work to counsellors and marketing executives.

The UI of EdMatrix is user friendly and easy to understand. Anyone can simply learn this software from the user manual. Being an admin of this nest generation agency management software to reduce cost, save time and streamline business, providing total control to monitor and manage agency staff.

EdMatrix – This program is an online agency management software that offers real time solutions for staff activities, customer query, commission management, etc. to educational and migration agencies. It keeps you ahead of the competition. Check out more details here: http://www.edmatrix.com.au

Synotive – A prominent custom software development company in Australia offer this product EdMatrix especially for Education & Migration agencies. It has many clients in diverse niches and they manage their work by providing dedicated services. Check out more details here: https://www.synotive.com

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