Dr. Sheldon Jordan and Dr. Marisa Chang of the Neurological Associates- The Interventional Group announce the unveiling of their newly updated neurology website

Dr. Sheldon Jordan and Dr. Marisa Chang of the Neurological Associates- The Interventional Group announce the unveiling of their newly updated neurology website

United States, California, Santa Monica - 07/21/2020 — The Neurological Associates-The Interventional Group is excited to promote their newly redesigned website to showcase their world-renowned neurological practice in Santa Monica.

SANTA MONICA, CA- The Neurological Associates- The Interventional Group is thrilled to announce the reveal of their recently revamped website. This new site features a sleek new design, enhanced user functionality, and a wealth of useful information and resources for new and prospective patients.

Additionally, the practice's new site highlights Dr. Jordan and Dr. Marisa Chang's extensive expertise in interventional techniques, including those that target chronic pain, headaches, brain injuries, Alzheimer's, and numerous other neurological disorders.

About the Practice

Initially established in 1981, The Neurological Associates have been providing neurological health care for decades to the local community, the country, and the world. The practice is internationally renowned for its innovative treatment methods that aim to exceed the traditional approaches to neurological care.

Neurological Associates has always taken a multidisciplinary approach to include medications (when required), dietary optimization, nutritional supplementation, mental and physical exercises, detoxification, anti-inflammatory, and regenerative medicine. They are also happy to support additional care with their many excellent colleagues in other disciplines when these approaches are needed.

The practice prides itself on expanding the boundaries of neurological medicine as a whole. It hosts numerous clinical trials, develops and uses the latest innovations, and utilizes the most cutting-edge diagnostic equipment to provide unmatched results.

About Dr. Jordan

Dr. Sheldon Jordan specializes in advanced imaging techniques, brain and nerve injury interventions, anti-aging of the brain, and regenerative medicine. He is the chief investigator for numerous board-approved clinical research projects to progress the limits of neurological care. He is also an avid photographer, artist, and author and has presented artwork in various galleries.

 “As an artist and scientist trained at Johns Hopkins and UCLA, I have always believed that great things happen when we think beyond traditional boundaries.”

-Dr. Sheldon Jordan

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About Dr. Chang

Dr. Chang completed her fellowship in Headache, Interventional Pain, and Orofacial Pain at UCLA.  She is the first neurologist to ever complete an Orofacial Pain Fellowship with the prestigious UCLA Orofacial Pain Program through the UCLA School of Dentistry. She has lectured extensively on the pathophysiology and treatment of all forms of headaches and pain, actively maintaining expertise in each of these areas.

“As a physician, my greatest pride is the relationship that I have with my patients. I listen to each patient with a compassionate heart to provide the best of evidence-based and state of the art medicine.”

-Dr. Marisa Chang

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Visit Their New Site

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Jordan, Dr. Chang, the practice, or any of their incredible services, please be sure to visit their new website at https://neurologysantamonica.com/.


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