DateCoin officially ranked as the most popular ICO on Telegram

DateCoin officially ranked as the most popular ICO on Telegram


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DateCoin officially ranked as the most popular ICO on Telegram

RUSSIA - 05/21/2018 —  

May 21, 2018, Russia — In a recent survey published on ICOWhitelists, it has been found that DateCoin, the world’s first intelligent dating service for quick search and matches, is the most popular and hyped ICO on Telegram.

Tracking Telegram popularity is an effective means of gauging the hype around ICOs and tokens because 99% of all ICOs use Telegram as the channel through which to communicate with their communities. As such, the numerical strength of ICO groups on Telegram is a strong measure of the support that different platforms enjoy.

The ICOWhitelists survey tracks the number of members in over 2000 different Telegram groups for ICOs and tokens. Furthermore, the numbers are updated on an hourly basis so as to be accurately representative of the rankings.

Such a record number of people interested in our project is a good foundation for future work,” said Nikita Anufriev, Co-Founder and CEO of DateCoin, “and the fact that we are the most popular ICO on Telegram is a clear indication that there is a void in the current dating industry, and our platform helps fill that void by offering the most efficient dating system possible”. 

DateCoin is currently the most popular ICO on telegram with approximately 100,000 members. SKYFchain and SilkChain follow close behind DateCoin’s popularity with just under 100,000, and approximately 80,000 members respectively. 

DateCoin’s result is, in part, thanks to the involvement of MVG. “MVG was able to assist DateCoin in achieving this coveted status by leveraging proprietary marketing tools and technology developed for its other clients, namely VIMANA Global,” said Max Smetannikov, MVG CEO.

In order to study the current rankings of ICOs, please visit theICOWhitelists Telegram Tracker.



About Denim and DateCoin


The founders of DateCoin aim to employ cutting-edge technologies for intelligent dating with your soulmate or at least with a person with similar interests. DateCoin uses artificial intelligence and big data processing to analyze user preferences, contact history, etc, in order to generate a pool of the most suitable partners. Blockchain is used to create a trustworthy environment by solving issues pertaining to user identification and verification, and the distributed data technology ensures authenticity of each verified account. The project has an MVP - online dating service Denim, which is a market leader of dating services in Russia. 


In the future, the token rate will be secured through the growth of the dating service’s audience worldwide. According to our forecasts, DateCoin will reach a milestone of 20 million app users in the coming 4 years, and the users will need to purchase DTC tokens on the exchange to pay for unique in-app features or to buy services with discounts.


DateCoin is currently holding a public ICO. In order to join the ICO, or for more information on DateCoin, please visit

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