Danielle's proposal shocks the chief scientist

Danielle's proposal shocks the chief scientist

NEW YORK CITY, NY - 03/11/2018 — Danielle’s proposal shocked the lead scientists. If they only knew that this brilliant girl was our PRIVATE EYE SPY KID too. Well, Higgins knows. We were hired to investigate numerous mishaps by the chief scientist, Jon Higgins. He met Danielle at sixteen when she answered our (Jim and Pete Jesson) private eye phone. Asking of our whereabouts, she asked him if he had experimented with Nobel metals at extreme cold temperatures. They spoke for more than an hour on the subject. 

As angry as Higgins was with Pete speaking to Danielle about the top secret project, the next time we spoke to him, he asked us to return and “bring the kid with you.”

Higgins must have recognized her genius early on. He said of her latest proposal, “If it was any other teen, we’d nod approval, smile and dismiss the idea. When she proposes something, we panic.” 

The Spy Blog explains it at BetweenTwoFen.com

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