Czech composer Borrtex hits 100 million streams

Czech composer Borrtex hits 100 million streams

Czech Republic, Praha, Praha - 10/15/2020 — Twenty-one-year-old Czech composer Daniel Bordovsky, known by his artist name Borrtex is celebrating another musical success, breaking the magical number of 100.000.000 total music stream units of his instrumental songs, which he publicly releases on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and more.

“I feel overwhelmed, shocked and grateful for the whole team, taking a good care of the album distribution. I would like to thank a UK based music publishing company Routenote, for being the best place for young, ambitious and unexperienced musicians, as I once was!”

As the main field of the artist is creating instrumental work, Daniel’s songs were previously licensed in official commercial spots of very well known international brands such as Montblanc, Xiaomi, IKEA and others.

It’s the combination and diversity of different kinds of marketing strategies, which brought a worldwide success to this young artist. The effort of getting music placements on TV might have strongly initiated the numbers growth of new listeners on those music streaming platforms.

“I also need to express my gratitude towards an Israel based company Artlist Ltd, founded by Ira Belsky in 2016. As one of the most popular music licensing services, they take care of getting my music out there to reach global projects of international movie companies like Netflix, HBO, Showtime and more.”

Living in the 21st century means learning to adapt to new opportunities coming from the technological progress. Physical CDs are out of fashion and arising artists will hardly make any income from that. It’s now more important than ever, to adapt our work for the online world. For these reasons and many more, the music streaming platforms are a great and legal alternative for the majority of musical artists and their fans.

“It’s true that I can only imagine how those numbers would look like for me, if I could not be able to sell my music online. I think it would be immensely difficult to gain any popularity whatsoever. Composing classical music and not being able to publish it online where it’s widely available, and basically everyone can find it and listen to it almost immediately, would be no fun at all!”

Borrtex is a young piano composer from Prague, Czech Republic. His music got featured in over 3,000 international projects, including titles of Netflix, Showtime, HBO, Warner Brothers and more. His 2019 song Thoughts was ranked TOP 30 in classical genre category on Apple Music. Borrtex’s full name is Daniel Bordovsky, he has been playing the piano since the age of 6, but decided to start producing his own music at the beginning of May 2017, when he visited Los Angeles and met James Newton Howard, who inspired him with his character and personal attitude to composing.

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