NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - 10/11/2018 — Creating products that improve “Quality of Life”. Zero THC.

Live Kickstarter campaign. Ends Nov 8th, 2018. 

Hemp Oil extract contains several non-psychoactive cannabinoids which interact with human cannabinoid system. At Saiom Technologies Inc, we develop formulations containing Cannabidiol (CBD) which has well documented health benefits (e.g. Pain relief, Anti-seizure, Control anxiety). Our Topical Pain Relief Herbal blend contains CBD and provides fast and long lasting relief against muscle and nerve related pain.

Our goal is to identify new indications for CBD and invent new formulations to provide relief. According to Brightfield Group, “CBD is growing faster than cannabis in the US and will soon be a $22 billion industry”.

Our Kickstarter project is aimed at creating awareness about our efforts to develop new and innovative CBD products to improve human health and well-being. Our Topical Pain Relief Herbal blend is an excellent example of our capability. Mr. Sai Sanyal formulated this product for his spouse who suffers from peripheral neuropathy. The results have been very promising and now others can benefit from his creation. Sai and his team promise to leave no stone unturned in creating a new formulation containing CBD for a new indication. Our backers will have an opportunity to join us in our endeavor and in return we offer them rewards from our flagship CBD products. We seek your support in our endeavor and thank you for your contributions.

Saiom Technologies Inc. is based in North Brunswick NJ USA and was founded in 2007. Our CBD comes from hemp plants grown and harvested in USA. 

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