CamKix Rolls Out Case for Nintendo Switch Game Cards

CamKix Rolls Out Case for Nintendo Switch Game Cards

CamKix, a retailer dedicated to providing quality tech accessories, recently released a case for Nintendo Switch Game Cards.

Made of plastic, the product includes two trays that have 12 slots each. These are specifically designed for the Nintendo Switch for a secure fit. The case can hold a total of 24 game cards.

The product has a transparent exterior so that game cards can be easily viewed. It also features a snap closure for added safety. 

“Nintendo Switch game cards are very small and easy to lose. We wanted to give our customers an easy way to store and organize their game cards. With this case, they can safely take their Nintendo Switch games anywhere,” said a CamKix representative.

The company, which sells under the name CamKix on Amazon, has recently launched a new official website where other add-ons for the Nintendo Switch are available, as well as photography, smartphone, action camera and drone accessories.

DAYTON, WY - 03/21/2018 — About CamKix: CamKix, a brand of the company Eco-Fused, is a tech accessories maker based in Wyoming.

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