Buckeye lands huge success by helping women achieve their goals in today’s digital world

Buckeye lands huge success by helping women achieve their goals in today’s digital world

COLUMBUS, OHIO - 01/09/2019 — Malorie Yagelski, CEO & Founder of Mastery By Mal has created an outstanding six- figure business in under six short months. Also full-time student at The Ohio State University, Malorie & her partner Logan scaled the business from nothing to where it is now. These hungry entrepreneurs are not afraid of hard work or long work weeks.

    What is Mastery By Mal? Mastery By Mal is an online platform that allows female entrepreneurs to learn more about digital marketing from female based mentors. In her first course, IG Growth Techniques, Malorie teaches girls all over the world how they can effectively grow their business or freelance career on social media. Mastery By Mal is the perfect platform for bloggers, models, influencers, boutique businesses, start-ups, and just about everything in between.

    Mastery By Mal currently offers two courses and some additional products, such as presets. Mastery By Mal's second course, Defining Your Personal Brand, teaches women how to define their identity on social media and attract the desired audience. Malorie: "I created Mastery By Mal not having any clue on where it would be in 6 months. We used to high five, and tally up every single time we'd enroll a new student. We knew it was helpful, but we didn't realize people would refer their friends and want to become affiliates of ours. It just scaled so quickly.  Competitor services typically charge a monthly rate for social media growth, and sometimes that cost is too high, especially for a start-up. I knew if we could teach a course on the marketing techniques that it would save some people a lot of money and possibly yield higher results. The problem with using services online is that nobody cares about your business/account the way that you do. It's better to learn the basics if you can, and at least understand whats going on with your marketing."

Malorie says the #1 tip for building an audience on social media in 2019 will be to stay authentic and transparent. Malorie says it's important to let your audience know who you really are, not just some character online. There's a lot of competition, so be sure to stick out by being authentic!

Whether you’re trying to master your selling skills or promote your business, Mastery by Mal can help you achieve your desired results in record time. This Buckeye is on fire and we can’t wait to see what she does next!

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