GIBRALTAR - 05/29/2018 — Vaultitude is a browser-based software that realizes Blockchain’s potential for radically transforming the multi billion-dollar intellectual property (IP) industry and represents a new way to successfully protect innovation. With Blockchain’s immutability of records reducing the dependency on national patent offices, Vaultitude turns private people into record keepers and thus ensures proof of authorship. The team behind this innovation believes that their software can provide significantly improved protection at lower cost to both the private and corporate sector.

“We believe that Vaultitude will change the landscape of IP protection and management thanks to Blockchain's notary-like abilities.”, explains Dominik Thor, the project’s founder and CEO of IPCORP Ltd.. Vaultitude has been tailored toward the needs of millions of researchers, inventors, artists and companies. It is suitable for any type of IP including inventions, designs, scientific findings, art, code, files and trade secrets. Setting up an account is free and the software only requires a standard web browser.

The potential impact of Blockchain technology on intellectual property meanwhile is no secret to its key decision makers. “With Blockchain technology the private sector will become an ancillary record keeper”, says Francis Gurry, Director General of WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organisation, an agency of the United Nations and the highest IP authority worldwide. His thoughts are echoed by Antonio Campinos, Executive Director of the European Intellectual Property Office, which is determined to explore the potential of Blockchain.

As a holistic solution for IP protection Vaultitude is ideal for the safe storage, sharing, transfer and sale of intellectual properties as well as the practical application of copyrights, the filing of patents and for defensive publication. A first demo has recently been released on the company’s website, with the release of the full software scheduled for later this year.

Vaultitude has formed a partnership with WIPO Green and has the support of many other key stakeholders. “The new technology that Vaultitude offers is the basis for a tool that sensibly complements existing options and ensures greater comfort and security for the protection of IP.”, comments Richard Brunner, Global Head of Legal of Dennmeyer Group, the world’s leading IP law group.

Due to the strong interest in this topic, the company’s CEO Dominik Thor has been invited to speak about the potential of Blockchain technology for intellectual property by leading stakeholders, such as the European Patent Office, the European intellectual Property Office, the World Trade Organisation, the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), local patent offices, universities and international associations such as IEEE and LESI. 

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