B R I A N N A Speaks Her Truth With New Single “Wish You Well”

B R I A N N A Speaks Her Truth With New Single “Wish You Well”

United States, Georgia, Atlanta - 09/05/2020 — Pop artist Brianna Shelko is stronger than ever — and she wishes you well if you can’t handle it.

(ATLANTA, GEORGIA, September) — All of her life, Brianna Shelko has pleased others and chosen her words carefully, but she’s finally ready to start playing by her own rules. In 2020 Shelko has proudly shown an edgier side of her while speaking up about what truly matters in her life. Those who get to witness her transformation should count themselves lucky, as she’s made it clear this is only the beginning. Her new single, “Wish you well” is one of the first steps of many into becoming an artist unlike anyone we’ve seen before.

“Wish you well,” a song that encourages fans to express themselves, is inspired by the desire to move forward no matter what your environment does to you. “I’ve had people in my life use me, lie to me, blow me off and drop me,” Shelko explained. “This song is meant to help me work through these emotions and inspire others to do the same.”

Along with the powerful song, Brianna spared no creativity when developing the artwork cover to go along “Wish you well.” A series of fun, poshy pictures of a sassy Brianna are the icing on the cake to prove that she’s above any negative vibes that inevitably arise in the music industry. This song will release on all digital platforms September, 18th, 20202 – so get ready to download your new favorite jam!

This is not the first time Brianna brings up topics of discrimination and lack of support. If you follow her on her social media or have come across articles like her recent interview with Music Industry Weekly, you’ll see that she’s not just a talented singer, but an advocate for anti bullying and self love.

Making Her Way To The Top

This last single comes after a series of new songs, like “I don’t want your man” and “Survive.” These catchy singles empower fans -- and even haters -- to keep their chin up and continue standing up for what they think and believe. As she continues to grow, her music  proliferates and reaches more people than ever before. Her single “Survive” has reached over 200,000 streams on Spotify and even sparked interest on TikTok, where fans took it upon themselves to start the “Survive Dance Challenge.” Follow her Spotify channel here to stay up to date with new releases.

If international recognition weren’t enough, B R I A N N A also shows her artistic skills through digital content that doesn’t cease to amaze us. Stay tuned for her upcoming “I don’t want your man” music video, where we see B R I A N N A carry incredibly positive energy while featuring on a private jet. Like the cool kids say, #goals.

Whether you’re a loyal follower just now learning about her music, one thing is for sure: The new B R I A N N A is here to stay by tearing down walls and redefining herself. We’ll be impatiently waiting to see what she surprises us with next.


About Brianna

An Atlanta native, Brianna has earned a name for herself in the music industry via storytelling through original songs. With themes like female empowerment, positivity and healthy relationships, she’s able to reach fans from broad audiences across the globe. Her international career has opened doors for her and allowed her to combine her artistic talent with her marketing knowledge. 

You can stay in the loop with Brianna’s latest releases by following her social platforms on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and  learn more about the pop expert through her website.

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