Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Be The Next Wave of Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Be The Next Wave of Technology

SAN DIEGO - 10/05/2018 — Since inception, Tian TianVentures (TTV) aims to identify and resolve the real-world problems with a focus on the applications of a sharing economy to change how people work, travel, collaborate, and conduct their business. In order to be ahead of its competitors in the current world of technology, TTV revealed that they have invested substantially in their Research & Development (R&D) department as they plan to build an Artificial Intelligence (AI) laboratory for research and experiments purpose. The likelihood location for the laboratory is inSilicon Valley where the Headquarter for TTV is located. Co-founder of TTV, TimothyGrant, highlighted that there are lots of industry giants including Tencent which have shifted their research labs to Silicon Valley. He also informed that there are also a few potential companies that have expressed their interest to partner with TTV and are in the midst of discussions.

According to TTV, the laboratory will explore the possibilities of adopting AI to resolve the challenges that the transportation industry is facing currently. The company said in a statement that laboratory’s projects will “focus on topics ranging from natural language processing, computer vision for operations research, deep learning, statistics, and other prospective technologies.” TTV noted that there are already companies in the present industry that are adopting AI in their business, but TTV R&D team strives to accelerate its research and “propel scientific breakthroughs that unlock the potential of AI for the industry.”

As shared by TTV, “Having a sharing economy is not sufficient and they are constantly looking for improvements and opportunities to create a smart city for all.” 

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