Anita Belle Calls for Black Plasma Strike

Anita Belle Calls for Black Plasma Strike

United States, Michigan, Detroit - 01/06/2021 — Anita Belle, President of the Reparations Labor Union and the female co-chair of the Detroit Chapter of NCOBRA, the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America, calls for a nationwide strike of black plasma donors starting January 7, 2021. The Reparations Labor Union seeks better pay for plasma donors and to reserve plasma products and all derivatives to benefit plasma donors and their loved ones.  

“A black physician, Dr. Susan Moore, complained about the racist difference in health care between blacks and whites. I’m not saying Ford Hospital discriminated against Benny Napoleon. I’m just saying that President Trump received a lifesaving antibody cocktail when he was diagnosed with coronavirus. His white friends, Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie, received the antibody cocktail when they contracted coronavirus. Maybe Trump isn’t discriminating against blacks because Dr. Ben Carson, a black neurosurgeon from Detroit and the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, credited Trump for Carson receiving compassionate use approval for an antibody treatment. But another black friend of Trump’s, Herman Cain, died from the coronavirus that he contracted at a Trump super-spreader rally. Did Cain, a millionaire Trump supporter, receive the antibody cocktail? Would Sheriff Napoleon be alive today if he received the antibody cocktail? Was this treatment withheld because Trump’s federal policies systematically withhold compassionate use of lifesaving treatments based upon the patient’s race, political party, and cronyism?” Benny Napoleon was a Democrat.

Belle states that many plasma donors are black. “Blacks are under-represented when it comes to donating whole blood for free because more blacks donate plasma for a stipend. True, if the amount of stipend is calculated based upon dollars per hour, plasma donors are paid more than minimum wage. However, the product, the plasma, has a value for which the donors are not compensated. Trump asked about getting ultraviolet light into the body through the skin. Many joked Trump meant they should swallow a light bulb, but melanin is the way blacks get ultraviolet light into the body through the skin. Add melanin to the plasma antibodies, and are blacks part of the cure for the coronavirus? Are blacks part of the vaccine for the coronavirus? If we are, blacks are not being compensated commensurate to the billions of dollars of profit we’re generating. Worse, the product of our own bodies is used to cure everybody else, including those trying to take away our voting and citizenship rights. We heal everyone else, virtually for free, while white corporations, shielded from lawsuits by government emergency authorization immunity, exploit blacks for profit just like during slavery. Then, to add insult to injury, when a black person needs the cure that comes from black antibodies, are most of those blacks allowed to die?”

Belle claims that the best evidence that blacks are part of the patented and proprietary cures to the coronavirus would come from a nationwide black plasma donors’ strike. ““Frederick Douglass taught nearly 200 years ago that power concedes nothing without a demand. What if blacks closed our arms until our demands are met? What if we said that the black plasma strike continues until Trump leaves office and Congress passes the reparations legislation HR 40 and S. 1083?  I pray this is a short strike because blacks’ plasma may be curing more than the coronavirus. Blacks may be part of the treatment for many diseases, including cancer. We don’t want people to die, but the bad old days of getting our blood, sweat, and tears for free are over. Our blood, sweat, and tears are reparations products. We deserve to be compensated accordingly. Part of that compensation may include stock ownership and board membership in companies using our reparations products. Yet most importantly, some of our blood products and their derivatives must be banked to save our loved ones’ lives.”

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