Amazon’s Acquisition of Pillpack Reinforces the Need for a Streamlined Pharmacy Experience

Amazon’s Acquisition of Pillpack Reinforces the Need for a Streamlined Pharmacy Experience

RENO, NV - 07/09/2018 — Edge Medical, LLC, based in Reno, Nevada has developed an innovative multi-dose patent portfolio that is revolutionizing the pharmacy experience. The patent portfolio describes many advantages over earlier technologies, including risk reduction to pharmacists and medication providers, and standardization of pill distribution. It provides a safer and easier way for patients to adhere to their medication schedule. It also saves time by delivering prescriptions to the customer’s door, thereby eliminating the need to travel to a physical location and stand in long lines at the pharmacy. 

With Edge technology patents, medications are pre-sorted into individual packets and time stamped with the date and time each particular dose is due. Medication orders are also synchronized so that all prescriptions are filled on the same day instead of at staggered intervals, and refills are managed directly with the patient’s doctor.

Over 40 million Americans take more than 5 prescriptions for chronic diseases or illnesses such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, depression, and/or diabetes. However, it is estimated that roughly 50% of Americans don’t take their medications as prescribed. Recent news of Amazon buying Pillpack’s online pharmacy has caused some much needed disruption in the Pharmaceutical Industry and supports the need for serious change. Pharmacy’s need to step up and bring the focus back to improving the customer experience by making it simpler and more efficient for patients to fill their many prescriptions.

Edge Medical has developed patented families in Pharmaceutical Packaging Concepts, Multi-Prescription Delivery Systems, and Pharmaceutical Inspection Systems. The patent portfolio is now being offered for sale. It includes twenty issued utility patents and six issued design patents. Edge Medical, LLC is represented by Kerr IP Group, LLC. For more information on the Edge Medical patent portfolio please visit or contact

About Edge Medical, LLC

Edge Medical, LLC was founded in 2004 by Bob Luciano, Jr. to develop new packaging and technologies for multi-dose compliance packaging. He is an entrepreneur and innovator that was raised the manufacturing and packaging industry. For several years he had a full working online pharmacy that would package multiple prescriptions into pre-sorted packages labeled with the date and time they were due, and they would get shipped directly to customers. He not only established the processes, he also filed for patents on nearly every aspect of the business. He was a visionary and pioneer in the online pharmacy market, but unfortunately, he suffered a severe stroke in 2007 and had to take time away from the business to focus on his recovery. He is very interested in selling the patents and providing guidance to another company that can take his initial concept, supported by the intellectual property, and scale it.

His family still operates Luciano Packaging, a long time engineering firm offering pharmaceutical packaging services. He is well known for his leadership in gaming technology and was inducted into the Gaming Hall of Fame in 2013. He founded Sierra Design Group and is former Vice President of IGT and Bally. He holds over 250 patents.

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